Best Gourmet Dining Spots

Some of the world’s best restaurants are in Vienna and visitors in the city have a lot to choose from when it comes to enjoying culinary delights. For those looking to experience gourmet dining while in the Austrian capital, below are several restaurants worth checking out. 

Whether you want to have a romantic date or family dinner, these places won’t disappoint you. 

Silvio Nickol – This is a two Michelin star modern restaurant owned and managed by chef Silvio Nickol. Situated at the temple Palais Coburg, it offers exquisite cuisine ideal for people who love to explore new tastes. Dishes to enjoy here are the wild char with asparagus, rhubarb with fennel, sour cream and sorrel and the dover with Jerusalem artichoke. 

Steirereck – This is another two Michelin star dining spot managed by master chef Gerd Reitbauer. Authentic Austrian cuisine can be enjoyed here as well as vegetables that many have forgotten. Steirereck is well known for its elegant yet humble dishes such as lobster with wheat, oats and cabbage as well as the fried pigeon with mangold and litchi tomatoes. 

Vincent – Situated in Leopoldstadt, this restaurant is known for using local ingredients including Viennese snails, asparagus and wild rooster. Guests can choose to dine the traditional (main wood panelled area) or modern (winter garden) way. 

Konstantin Filippou – As its name suggests, this restaurant has a Greek influence with the owner being an Austro-Greek gourmet chef. Savor a mix of Austrian and Mediterranean cuisine while here. Must-try dishes are the cod and pork belly mix with char caviar, veal tongue with oyster, kimchi and radish as well as its unique vanilla ice cream. 

Walten Bauer – This is a one Michelin star restaurant where visitors can taste the more high-end version of the famous Austrian street food. This is the place to go to for modern Austrian food. 


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