Best Places to Cool Down in Vienna

Summer in Vienna means heatwaves and not too many people are able to bear the high temperatures when outdoors. But thankfully, there are many places you can go to in Vienna to cool down and still enjoy the summer season. 


If you’re the religious type of person or someone who just wants to explore places of worship, a visit to one of Vienna’s churches will be worth your time. In the first district alone, there are already 25 churches in place. 

It’s best to avoid the most popular churches, though, as they can attract large crowds of tourists. The Augustinerkirche and the Michaelerkirche are highly recommended as the temperature there can only be 24C plus the buildings have unique designs.   

Public Parks

If you want to visit parks, choose those that have plenty of trees. The bigger parks such as the Prater, Augarten and the Lainzer Tiergarten are the best to go to as they offer lots of shade. 


Watching a movie is a relaxing activity plus you’ll enjoy the cold atmosphere in the cinema. Some of Vienna’s well known cinemas worth exploring are The Burgkino, English Cinema Haydn, Filmcasino and Votivkino. 

Hotel Bars

At nighttime, why not chill at hotel bars. Enjoy your favorite drinks especially wines in a cool setting. Bars you can check out are the Blaue Bar at the Sacher Hotel, the Hotel Bristol bar or the one at the Palais Coburg. The Palais Coburg welcomes non-guests and take note, it has some 60,000 bottles plus six amazing cellars underneath. 

Outdoor Cafes

If you would like to unwind in an outdoor cafe or restaurant, the best places to visit are the Georgian Cafe Ansari situated on 

Praterstrasse and the Heuer am Karlsplatz. For stunning views, check out the Heurige Sirbu and the Volksgarten Pavillon. A dinner or snacks by the water can he enjoyed at the Strandgasthaus Birner on the Alte Donau. 


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