Best Places to Visit for Side Trips

Vienna on its own has numerous beautiful attractions that never fail to capture the hearts of visitors. But for those who want to explore more, there are other areas within the Austrian capital’s doorstep worth visiting. They’re just nearby and can be reached within minutes to an hour.

Lower Austria or the so-called cradle of Austria’s history is highly recommended for its exquisite beauty and affordability. Prices here are 30 percent lower compared to Vienna.

Being the biggest of the nine federal states, it has a lot to offer to travelers of all ages. It boasts of family friendly spa resorts with hotel accommodations.

The Alpine Lower Austria in the south can be reached within an hour. Featuring mountains, the foothills showcase some 50 open-air swimming pools and nine chairlifts.

Wachau-Nibelungengau is worth exploring for its historical and cultural significance. Situated on the banks of the Danube river, it is where visitors can find castles, palace, abbeys, monasteries and vineyards as well as taverns. This area produces 60 percent of the grape harvest of the entire country.

Burgenland is also a must-visit. Located in the easternmost area of Austria, it is near the border of what was once known as Hungary and also boasts of castles and fortresses including castles that have been converted into hotels. It is famous for being the vegetable garden of Vienna owing to its agricultural setting. Additionally, it produces more than one-third of Austria’s wine.

Burgenland attracts both locals and foreign travelers. Many go here on weekends for sailing, birding and other outdoor activities. The best time to visit is from April to October.

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