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Vienna is home to some of the world’s famous artists of all kinds. In the literary world, some of the famous writers it has produced in the past include Grillparzer, Nestroy and Schnitzler. 

Today, the Austrian capital continues to be a magnet of artists who are attracted to the city’s history and well preserved architecture as well as its serene environment. Budding and veteran writers visiting the city have many choices for places where they can keep their creative juices flowing. The coffeehouses and cafes are perfect but there are more options when in Vienna. 

Cafe Sacher

This cafe boasts of marble-white tables and red velvet chairs. It also serves one of Vienna’s best Sachertorte, the recipe of which dates back to 1832. But apart from this delicious pastry, Cafe Sacher also offers different types of coffee. Guests here can enjoy a great view of the Vienna State Opera. 


Writers looking for inspiration from the flora fauna should go to Schmetterlinghaus. This quiet and tropical sanctuary features some 400 butterflies in the Butterfly House and an Art Nouveau architectural design. The place is also a popular venue for weddings. 


What could be more inspiring and relaxing than to be in a beautiful and spacious garden. In Vienna, the Volksgarten or People’s Garden is perfect for writers as its serene environment allows your creative juices to flow freely. 

Schloss Schönbrunn

Those who would like to be in a historical place should not miss the Schloss Schönbrunn. This Unesco world heritage site features a majestic palace, lovely gardens and a Gloriette. The place is rich with stories of the Habsburg monarchs as well as that of mythological deities and virtues presented in 32 life-size sculptures. 

Belvedere Gallery

Another place rich in history is the Belvedere Gallery. With two palaces in place plus the Orangery and the Palace Stables, this palace provides a lot of inspiration. After a tour of the extensive galleries, you can head to the gardens and let your creative juices flow easily. 

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