Burgtheater in Vienna

Burgtheater Vienna – Why Tourists love Burgtheater Wien Program & History?

One of the most popular attractions in Vienna and the second oldest theatre in Europe is the Burgtheater. Opened on 1741adjacent to the Hofburg palace from the order of Empress Maria Theresia of Austria, it was originally called K.K. Hoftheater nachst der Burg and was the start of the German-language theatre in the city. Over a century later, the theater was rebuilt and moved to the Ringstrasse boulevard. It suffered heavy damages during the World War II and was only restored to its former glory in 1955. […]

Easter market Vienna visiting

Easter Market Vienna – Cool Things to Do in Vienna Over Easter

Easter is a special occasion celebrated around the world. It is fast approaching and when this season comes in Vienna, locals and visitors have something to look forward to once again. By then, the city will be abuzz with the Easter markets selling classic and modern handmade crafts. 

The venue will be the area fronting the Schoenbrunn Palace. Some 60 merchants are expected to take part in the markets that will run from April 5th up to the 21st. 


Vienna with kids travel

Vienna With Kids & Family-friendly Museums, Camps, and Carnivals

Vienna may be usually associated with the opera, waltz and high-brow cultural entertainment, but the city also offers numerous fun activities for the whole family. If you are bringing your children for a holiday in Vienna, here are some recommendations to make the experience as pleasurable and at the same time educational for everyone: Museums for Children: Vienna has museums for children of all ages, and kids will find that exploring museums can be an enjoyable activity after all.


Best time to travel to Vienna Austria

Best Time to Visit Vienna – Events, Hotel Rates & Weather Info

Vienna is great to visit any time of the year but if you’re planning on going there in the most appropriate weather, the best times to go are during spring and fall. 

Travelers who want to stay away from big crowds should consider visiting the Austrian capital during these two seasons. The weather is mild and the crowds are not that much. 



Viennese waltz dance costume

Viennese Waltz Music History Info & Pro Dance Lessons

Music and dance are some of Vienna’s greatest pride. The Viennese waltz, in fact, is famous worldwide and used in formal balls. 

Although a form of music, the Viennese Waltz actually refers to a type of ballroom dance. It is the original and oldest form of the waltz and the first ballroom dance performed in the so-called close hold position (man and woman holding close to each other while dancing). 


Vienna New Year tickets

Vienna New Year Concert – Get Philharmonic Concert Tickets

Vienna is an exciting city to be in. More so when it is New Year’s eve. As many people await the coming in of the New Year, plenty of festive events take place around the city you just need to pick which part you would like to be in.

The outdoors is the best place to be at when you’re in Vienna for the New Year’s eve. But then again, there are other great things you can do indoors. Find out here which activities suit you.

vienna philharmonic orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – Summer Concerts & Ticket Info

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra never ceases to give honor to the Austrian capital. Just recently, it became the recipient of a prestigious award given by the Birgit Nilsson Foundation becoming the first orchestra to receive such an award. 

The Birgit Nilsson Foundation award also came with a cash prize worth $1 million. It is usually given to artists that have made a major contribution to the world of classical music.