Childcare Services in Vienna

Childcare services are a great factor for all parents. Where to leave their kids and who will look after them is of utmost importance as most parents have to work and do not have the luxury to stay home. Luckily Vienna has a wonderful network of child care centers within reach.

Day Nurseries for children below three years have a maximum of 15 children per group and they are handled by a team of four people -2 nursery school teachers and 2 assistants who make sure that their basic needs are met.

Kindergartens are for kids three to six years of age. Its goal is to prepare kids how to live in a community with a holistic approach. The kids acquire knowledge through experiences in form of outings, sports activities and cultural events. Many kindergartens apply the Montessori teaching method. They also offer English language courses and give introductory lessons on computers. A maximum of 25 children are in a kindergarten group which is handled by two nursery school teachers and an assistant.

After school care is for kids of school age and they are often located near primary schools. During holidays it can be extended to an all-day care. Teachers here help children with their homework and give them afternoon activities and creativity is encouraged. Just like with kindergarten groups, the maximum number of children in a group is 25 and two nursery teachers and an assistant look after them.

Nurseries, kindergartens and after-school centers are operated by the Vienna City Administration for half the day, while the Municipal Department 10 supports private child care centers as well. Learn how to register for daycare and their locations at or you may email Vienna Children’s Day Care Center – Municipal Department 10 at or for more information.

Image from USACE Europe District

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