Christmas in Vienna 2020 – Vienna Christmas Market Dates, Tips & Hotels

Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna is a very important occasion for locals. It is a festive season looked forward to by local residents and foreign tourists.

Normally, Christmas is celebrated by families in their respective homes.

Christmas Eve marks the start of decorating the Christmas tree or Christbaum using:

  • crystal balls
  • bells
  • stars
  • colorful toys
  • sweet treats including chocolate and fruits

Candles are then lit up as the finishing touch to the design. Many families also display the Christmas crib which features the Holy Family in the manger where Jesus Christ was born.

Atmosphere – Christmas in Vienna

Christmas lights

At the best Christmas markets in Vienna, the streets are filled with Haydn and Mozart’s music played by high-class musicians. While the Christmas markets are jampacked with shoppers of all ages. The Kärntner Strasse, a boulevard free from traffic, is where people can troop to for shopping or for relaxing specifically at the outdoor cafes.

The Christkindlmarkt or the Vienna Christmas market at the Rathaus is also highly recommended. Here you will find some 140 well-decorated stalls selling a wide variety of Christmas treats and other items at special prices.

The trees in this place also have their respective themes such as:

  • the angel tree
  • the star tree
  • the Japanese lantern tree

Christmas is one of the best times to stroll Vienna’s city center. Almost all places are well lit with plain or colored lights and people are mostly in a happy mood which can really be contagious.

Plan your vacation and look for the best hotels in Vienna for Christmas markets on time.

How Does it Look to Spend Christmas in Vienna?

If you get to spend Christmas in Vienna, you should consider yourself lucky indeed. Christmas in Austria is a magical time. Of all the cities in Europe, Vienna has the most festive Advent and Christmas celebration imaginable.  

It starts with the arrival of St. Nicholas and his scary sidekick Krampus and the celebrations continue through New Year’s and roll right into January Ball Season. Most towns will have a large Christmas tree in the town square and a Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) selling beautiful handmade items like toys, decorations and tree ornaments.  

While wandering through the stalls, be sure to enjoy a nice mug of Gluhwein (hot spiced wine).  It will keep you warm during this cold season.

Or you can order a hot chocolate with whipped cream if you go more for the sweet stuff.

Best Vienna Christmas Markets to Visit

Vienna christmas market

The holiday season is almost here and when those visiting Vienna at this time are in for some great treat. If you’re looking for gifts of all kinds, the best way to look for them is in the Christmas markets. 

Vienna’s advent markets have started to open giving locals and tourists a festive shopping atmosphere. So where should you start your Christmas shopping in the Austrian capital?

During the Advent season, Vienna becomes a nostalgic city full of nativity displays, romance, concerts, festivities, and traditional Christmas markets.

These unique shopping villages are also known as:

  • Christkindlmarkt
  • Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Adventmarkt

Vienna Christmas Market 2020 Dates


The festive Christmas market season begins mid-November and ends a few days before Christmas. Here you can find wooden stalls that sell gift items.

And traditional Austrian food and drinks such as:

  • Lebkuchen (gingerbread)
  • Gebrannte Mandeln (toasted almonds)
  • Waffeln (waffles)
  • Maroni (sweet chestnuts)
  • Bratkartoffel(baked potatoes)
  • Bratwurst (fried sausages)
  • hot Glühwein (mulled wine)
  • Punsch (glogg)

So if you want to start shopping for the holidays, feel free to visit the following.

Adventmarkt Am Hof

Located at Am Hof, one of the oldest squares in Vienna, this Christmas market has an artistic, creative, and romantic ambiance.

Walk around and discover handcrafted items, contemporary artwork, and great finds such as jewelry, metal objects, wood carvings, knitwear, candles, ceramics, and pottery.

Details here!

Adventmarkt Mahlerstrasse

This quaint market can be found in the pedestrian zone between the Opera House and the city shopping complex Ringstrassengalerien. Punsch or Gluehwein are must-tries in this Christmas village.

Details here!

Adventmarkt in front of Mariahilf Church

You can find this Christmas market in front of the Mariahilf church and nearby Mariahilfer Strasse, one of Vienna’s main shopping streets. They sell mostly food, Christmas decors, and gift items. Don’t forget to try their Gluehwein or Punsch.

Details here!

Wintermarkt at Riesenradplatz

This Christmas village can be found beside the Riesenrad (Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel) at the entrance of the Prater amusement park. The market is open during New Year’s Eve as part of the Silvesterpfad. Don’t miss the chance to try the Glühwein and Punsch.

November 21, 2020 – January 6, 2021

Details here!

Christmas Market in the Gardens of Hirschstetten

Situated at the 22nd district, this Christmas market has a wide array of handmade gift items and gift ideas. They also have a Christmas display and exhibition of winter tales that kids will love.

Altwiener Christkindlmarkt at the Freyung

The Freyung area is where the Altwiener Christkindlmarkt can be found. Situated in one of the city’s squares, this traditional market offers seasonal decorations and gifts created by local and regional craftsmen.

Food on sale here is also the traditional ones such as the gingerbread, Rosti, roasted chestnuts, and Erdäpfelpuffer. An added bonus is the seasonal music visitors can enjoy during most afternoons. 

What sets this market apart is that it’s small but of the highest quality. The mornings present a “Punch and Judy” show for the kids and have daily demonstrations by local craftsmen.

Details here!

Christmas Village

Located in Altes AKH along with the university campus of the old Vienna hospital, the Christmas Village is another traditional market. What makes it unique is its craftsmen mile where traditional craftspeople show their skills in making candles, sewing bags, and printing artwork. It also has a children’s program including a choo-choo train and merry-go-round. 

Spittelberg Christmas Market

This Christmas market on Spittelberg is ideal for couples looking for a romantic place to shop for their gifts while enjoying great food. 

Set in the streets from the Biedermeier era, now the city’s second-largest pedestrian zone, the Spittelberg market boasts of traditional crafts. The stalls are spread through narrow streets and backyards. Cafes and small bars are also found in the area, giving the market a festive atmosphere.

Featured here are local arts and crafts and this year, a wide selection of local food is also on offer. And for the first time this year, children can join a workshop where they will be taught how to make drums with the help of a local music instrument maker. 

November 13, 2020 – December 23, 2020

Details here!

Schonbrunn Palace Christmas Market

This is a wonderful place to buy traditional Christmas gifts and decor from local artisans.  You won’t find typical flea market junk.  Only the finest of materials and the most skilled craftsmen are allowed to sell their wares here and you’ll be sure to find gifts that will be treasured for years.  

And the food stalls are not to be missed.  Roasted chestnuts, chocolate-dipped strawberries, gingerbread, and more will tempt your palate.  It runs late November through December.  

The Christmas mood is set by the large Christmas tree in front of the castle, fresh biscuits, Christmas cakes, Gluhwein and hot punch. This market’s specialty includes original handicrafts, hand-made decors and items made of natural materials.

November 21, 2020 – December 26, 2020

Details here!

Weihnachtsdorf in front of Belvedere castle

Set in front of the famous Belvedere palace, this market sells a variety of Christmas decors, handcrafted goods and holiday food.

Details here!

Weihnachtsdorf in Alten AKH

This cozy Christmas market which sells beautiful gift items and mulled wine is located at Vienna’s former General Hospital (Altes AKH, currently the University Campus). It has a relaxed setting where you can find decorated stalls in narrow alleys. There are also bars in the surrounding area.

Details here!

Adventmarkt in front of Karlskirche

This Christmas village focuses on authentic handicrafts created by local artists. It is located in the Resselpark between Karlskirche and the Technical University. Workshops and exhibitions for glassblowing, forging, leatherwork and many more are also available.

Details here!

Weihnachtsdorf Maria Theresien-Platz

Situated at the large square between two main museums and right of Ringstrasse, a famous Viennese destination. Eat to your heart’s delight and enjoy the many culinary treats sold in the market.

Details here!

Wiener Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz

The largest and most famous Christmas market in Vienna is located in the large town square between Rathaus (city hall) and Burgtheate. The large Christmas tree in front of the town hall and the decorated trees at the nearby park give off a holiday vibe.

Tourists always like to have their pictures taken against the large Christmas tree and the brightly-lit buildings in the square. Weihnachtsmarkt am Spittelberg.

Feel free to bring your skates and spend some time gliding through the ice.

Best Things to Enjoy – Christmas in Vienna

Vienna austria christmas market girl

One of the best things to experience in Vienna is its Christmas atmosphere which allows anybody to feel the real spirit of the holiday season with their loved ones.

Attending just one of the activities in the Austrian capital can already make your stay in the city a very memorable one. 

We made a list of our favorite things to do during the Christmas season in Vienna and we hope you’ll check out as many as you can.  It’s sure to be the merriest holiday you’ve had!

Ice Skating outside Konzerthaus

Ice skating rinks outside the Konzerthaus are great to try every wintertime. The ice rink spans 6,000 square meters and covers the area between the Vienna Konzerthaus and the Inter-Continental Hotel.

They can be enjoyed from December through early March. The area in front of the Rathaus will also host the Ice Dream event in March. Those new to ice skating can even take lessons there for a few euros. 

Walk around the empty streets on Christmas

With the businesses being closed and the locals spending time with their families, the streets will be pretty much empty on Christmas day.  

This is a great time to walk through the city and really enjoy the sights without any crowds or distractions.  

Celebrate Christmas the Austrian Way

Christmas in Vienna Market

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas in Austria. Whether it’s food, drinks or entertainment that you want, you have a lot of choices. We share some tips here for you to make sure you enjoy the holiday festivities in Vienna or any other part of Austria you may be. 

Christmas cookies are so in

Austrians love to bake their special Christmas cookies. That’s tradition. The most popular traditional cookies in the country closely associated with Christmas are the vanilla Kipferl.

These are butter cookies in the shape of a crescent moon which also contains:

  • ground almonds
  • sugar
  • egg yolks
  • flour

Some are the plain cookies with varied Christmas designs and are hung on the tree. 

Create your own advent wreath

The period of Advent or the four Sunday before Christmas is important to Austrians and they use a wreath featuring four candles to mark this event. Each candle is burned every Sunday starting from the first until the last one preceding Christmas day. You may make your own version and not necessarily follow the traditional wreath design. 

Shop for your presents and make sure to shop early

Austrians love to shop for gifts for their loved ones. According to some survey, almost half of Austrians buy gift vouchers in stores than online.

The most popular gifts include books, toys, watches, and jewelry. And you can buy these from department stores or at the Christmas markets.

Order your goose or carp early

For Austrians, a Christmas eve dinner won’t be complete without a roast goose. Traditionally, they used the fried carp or Gebackener Karpfen as Christmas eve then was believed to be a day of fasting by Catholics hence no meat was allowed. Today, the roast goose has taken over as the star of the dinner. 

The Austrian Christmas Tree

Christmas tree Vienna

In other countries, the Christmas festivities start very early even months before December. The tree is also bought, put up and decorated early in homes. But not in Austria. 

The Austrians do use fresh Christmas trees, no doubt about it. Selecting the tree is a family tradition. Also, it is usually under the tree that families gather during Christmas eve.  

Although Saint Nicholas arrives in Austria in the early part of December and Christmas markets are also set up early, the tree is not decorated until December 24th. And the true Christmas celebration in the country starts at around 4 p.m. of Christmas Eve or Heilige Abend.

It is only during this time when the tree is adorned with decorations such as gold and silver ornaments or stars made of straw, sweets, and candy wrapped in tinfoil and gilded nuts. It is also lit for the first time on the day before Christmas and at 7 p.m., families gather around it to sing their favorite Christmas carols. 

Silent Night remains to be the favorite Christmas carol. Written by Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber, it was performed for the first time on December 24th in the year 1818. 

In addition to the trees set up in homes, each town also puts up its own huge tree in the main square. Normally, there is also an extra tree adorned with bread crumbs for the birds. 

Christmas in Vienna – Winter in Museum Quartier

In the Museum Quartier leading art galleries and museums from around the world are holding exhibits.

Art lovers should never miss visiting Vienna in Chrismas time.

Running from early November through 23 December, Museums Quartier Wien is a wonderful family-friendly destination.  

They have:

  • ice pavilions
  • an ice curling rink
  • shopping events
  • cultural events for all ages

Kids can bake cookies and adults can sample Punsch (fruit punch spiked with wine).  

More details and a full schedule of events.

Vienna Austria Christmas Market Musical Performance and Opera

Christmas in Vienna lights

Here’re a couple of places if you’re interested in opera and musical performaces.

Check it out if you catch time.  

Christmas Oratorio

This oratorio is a unique musical performance featuring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach performed by the Wiener KammerOrchester.

Also performing are the well known Arnold Schoenberg Choir and the Hamburg Ballet. This will take place for four straight nights at the Theater an der Wien. 

Weiner Volksoper presentation of Hansel and Gretel

In Vienna, the kids start enjoying opera at a young age.  This show is great for the whole family.  

It’s presented by first-class singers, dancers, and actors accompanied by a renowned orchestra.

Details here!

Vienna Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve Party

Christmas Eve at Weikersdorf Castle is definitely a splurge, but one that you’ll never forget.  Begin your evening with a tour of the castle and learn about some of its history and architecture.  After enjoying a wonderful 4-course dinner accompanied by live entertainment, you can take a short walk to the Parish Church of St. Christopher for Christmas mass and a recreation of the Nativity Scene.

New Year’s Eve Party doesn’t end after Christmas.  The festivities continue right through New Year’s and into January’s 300 balls.  That’s a lot of balls. The New Year’s market extends along a mile strip linking the city squares. But the plaza around St. Stephen’s Cathedral is where all the big action is. Neuer Market has free waltz lessons so you can dance the night away.

Visiting Vienna this season is a gift no matter how you choose to spend your time.  Remember to book your tickets early and keep your eyes and ears open for some of the free entertainment at the markets.  

Vienna Christmas Market is 3rd Best in Europe

Snowing in the city

Christmas markets are a common sight in Vienna when the holiday season nears. There are several of them that local residents and visitors, young and old alike, enjoy. They’re some of the best places to buy Christmas presents, decors and sweet treats.

The good news is that Vienna’s Christmas Markets in 2014 have been voted as the third-best in Europe. The title was given by a European culture organization called Best European Destinations based on the results of a survey it conducted.

The survey had almost 72,000 respondents from 15 locations around Europe who voted online in the competition. They voted on the locations of the Christmas markets based on popularity, value for money and all-around Christmas spirit.

Vienna’s third spot is not bad at all. It gained 10,242 votes mainly because of the diversity and great atmosphere of its Christmas markets. Some visitors stated that it’s a dream for kids, adults, lovers, singles, and families to be able to visit Vienna’s markets as there’s always something for everyone. 

The main Christmas market in the Austrian capital is the one at Rathausplatz in front of the town hall. A new one called Pink Christmas debuts in 2014 dedicated to the LGBT, a first of its kind in the city. Vienna is well known for being friendly to the gay and lesbian community hence, this new market is a welcome addition.

Joining the Local Vienna Christmas Festivities

Christmas in Vienna City 2020

Vienna is one international city that offers a vibrant Christmas atmosphere at the start of December. As such, it’s a wonderful place for a family to experience the festive ambiance that only the Austrian capital can provide. 

There are lots of things to do when you happen to be spending the holiday season in  Vienna. Shopping is a very popular activity for both locals and tourists. From December 24 to January 7th, shops normally extend their business hours. 

Interestingly, the MariahilferstraBe street is closed to traffic each Saturday in December. During this day, savvy shoppers use a delivery service to include Go-Botendienst just so they can send their shopping bags in shifts. 

If you’re planning to attend some local festivities, don’t miss the midnight mass at St. Stephens Cathedral on Christmas eve. You have to come early to get a seat. 

Come New Year’s eve, there are wild parties and other exciting events you can join as well. For the so-called New Year’s Path or Silversterpfad, you can attend musical entertainment starting at 2 p.m. until early in the morning. Hundreds of thousands of people attend various events so make sure you choose those that fit your lifestyle. 

For some fireworks, be there at the Wintermarkt on Riesenradplatz. And on New Year’s Day, a must-watch event is the live stream of the Vienna Philharmonic New Year concert on Rathausplatz. This is a global event that is broadcast to 50 million people in 73 countries. 

In Austria, the official holidays are from December 24 to 26, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s day, and epiphany on January 6. 

Get Presents for Kids at Best Christmas Markets in Vienna

Family presents

Christmas is for kids, too and in Vienna, the children there start thinking about this most wonderful time of the year early in December. With kids in Vienna, you can spend a wonderful time.

Families allow kids to decorate the Christmas tree in their homes where gifts are placed. The tree is usually decorated with toys, straw stars, small bells, and other ornaments. 

Gift-giving is an important part of the Christmas festivities in the Austrian capital and It’s not difficult to find places from where to buy gifts for kids in the city or let them enjoy the festive atmosphere. 


The famous Christkindlmarkt in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) is a perfect place to visit. Programs are organized here that involve Christmas storytelling activities performed by actors and celebrities. 

There’s also the 28-meter high Christmas tree and the Christkind whom kids can meet in person. And the 150 stalls available on the site are great sources of gifts, sweet treats, Christmas decors and warm drinks. 

Christmas Market

Fronting the Schonbrunn Palace is the Christmas market that sells handicrafts and other hand-made decorations for the season. Concerts and children’s programs are also held here.

One of the most popular activities here is the workshop that lets kids make marzipan figures as well as angels made from wood and felt.

St Nicholas makes an appearance on December 5th and 6th in the afternoon. 

Christ Church Christmas Bazaar 

The Christ Church Christmas Bazaar is another venue to visit. Situated in the third district, parents can buy children’s books and games at the venue. 

Kids can also visit Santa Claus in his grotto and play in their exclusive corner.

They can even enjoy face painting and buy animal balloons there. 

How Viennese Kids Celebrate Christmas

Child and christmas tree

Did you know that kids in Austria start thinking about Christmas early in December? While kids in other parts of the world have their Santa Claus, Austria has its St Nicholas. And he arrives on December 6th in the country. 

Wearing the costume of a bishop, St Nicholas makes the rounds of children’s houses and brings them small gifts of all kinds from fruits and nuts to sweet treats that every kid looks forward to receiving every last month of the year.

A beast-looking creature known as Krampus goes with him sometimes to help punish naughty kids. Early in the year, St Nicholas asks kids for a list of their good and bad deeds. Those who are good get sweets, toys, and nuts. 

But that’s not all the gifts St Nicholas gives to Austrian kids. When Christmas eve comes, bigger presents are given, placed under the tree and which are then opened after the family dinner. 

They are said to be delivered by a Christkind child or Kristkindl, a golden-haired baby with angel wings symbolizing the newborn Christ. It is also on Christmas eve that kids decorate their Christmas tree with toys, straw stars, small bells, candies, and other ornaments. 

Also on December 24th, families living in the snow-capped alps go down to the valley from their mountain homes lighting the night with torches. Carolers then gather in church towers and village squares to guide people who want to attend the Christmas services.

Shops, theaters, and concert halls are closed on this day to give families an opportunity to celebrate Christmas together. 

Christmas Musical Extravaganza in Vienna – Concerts to Visit

Red decoration for christmas tree

A grand musical celebration awaits visitors and residents of Vienna every December. Not surprising at all as the Austrian capital is known to be the home of famous musicians from Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms to Strauss, Bach, Haydn and Schubert. 

When in Vienna, a must-do for tourists visiting the city during the months of November and December is attending the Advent concerts around town. These Christmas musical treats start in November and run until Christmas eve or Christmas day. 

The chilly weather is perfect to relax and listen to Viennese classical music and Christmas tunes with your loved ones. It can even become a romantic date for couples. 

Here are some of the concerts you can go to in Vienna to experience a unique kind of Christmas atmosphere. 

Where should you go to experience beautiful music?

We strongly recommend these places.

Advent Concert at St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Stephansdom Vienna Advent Concert Series is not to be missed.  

You’ll enjoy works by:

  • Mozart
  • Bach
  • Schubert
  • Hadyn

As well as an assortment of traditional Christmas carols.  

Lovely concerts take place every few nights during the Advent season leading up to Christmas eve. 

Details here!

Christmas in Vienna Concert at Vienna Konzerthaus

The Vienna Boys Choir and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra will be accompanied by incredible solo performances by leading opera singers performing traditional Christmas songs.  

Details here!

Christmas Trumpet at Malteserkirche

Experience the music of Handel, Purcell, Bach, Pachelbel, and many more in this place linked to the Maltese Order.

Christmas Concert in Stephansdom

Every weekend starting this Friday, an Advent concert series takes place at the Stephansdom or St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Hear the works of Bach, Mozert, Haydn and Schubert as well as your favorite Christmas carols.

Performing here is the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and members from the ORG-Choir of the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

Magic Trumpet at Annakirche

Visitors of St Anne’s Church can also enjoy the music of Back, Mozart, Schubert, and Haydn.

This concert features the music of the great Viennese composers particularly those who lived and worked in the Austrian capital.

City Hall

The International Advent Singing Festival takes place at the city hall. During this festival, choirs from around the world such as the different parts of Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan will perform varied music genres from folk to advent and Christmas songs. These performances are free to watch and make a great family bonding moment.

Other venues for this event are the church particularly during a mass service, the outdoor Christmas market and the senior citizen home. At the end of the festival, each choir through their respective director will receive a certificate in a ceremony at the Vienna Town Hall. All choirs will also be presented after which they will sing the group song entitled “Ode to Joy.”

Wiener Hofburg Orchester

Those who want to enjoy a grand evening of music in the Vienna Imperial Palace should book a seat at the Wiener Hofburg Orchester. A grand musical concert can be experienced at the Vienna Imperial Palace from Christmas Day to December 30.

Featured here are the compositions of Johann Strauss also known as the King of Waltz as well as that of Wolfgang Mozart including his arias and duets.

Wiener Kursalon

Here, visitors can enjoy both good music and a delicious dinner before or after the concert. Dinner is served at the Johann Restaurant. The concerts with dinner here are scheduled from December 24 to 30.

Christmas in Vienna – Austrian Christmas Customs

Each country has its own unique customs and traditions observed during the Christmas season. Austria shares some similar customs with its neighbor Germany but most have Catholic roots.  Christmas is the most important religious and public holiday in Austria and a festive season as well lasting until the New Year.

A traditional Christmas story in Austria is that every 4th of December, it is believed that Saint Nicholas visits children together with the devil. The two then ask the kids if they had been good or bad and if a child admits to having misbehaved, the devil (Knect Ruprecht) will try to strike him or her with a stick.

At this instance, Saint Nicholas sends the kids running before they can be harmed by the devil. Then on December 6th which is St. Nicholas’ Day, good children are rewarded with mittens, candies, fruits and other useful items.

The night before Christmas is a special time for families to get together around their Christmas tree. The so-called Christbaum is normally decorated earlier by parents. Other than the decors hanging on the tree, a nativity scene is also displayed some even featuring some 100 pieces of figurines.

Christmas Eve Customs in Vienna

Christmas time hapiness

Christmas Eve also means the Christkindle bringing gifts to children and putting them beneath the tree. In some areas of Austria, it is thought that Saint Nicholas takes charge in bringing gifts to young boys while Saint Lucia brings gifts for the girls. For food, a staple in most Austrian homes is baked carp.

Most churches in Austria regardless of religious affiliation also hold midnight masses on Christmas Eve.  In fact in the olden days, peasants would really come down from their homes in the mountains bringing a torch in a manner similar to a procession just to attend the midnight mass.

Another common tradition during Christmas is the showing of the Christ child to people in the community. A small statue of the Christ child placed in a manger is usually brought from one house to another by people while at the same time singing some Christmas carols.

Vienna Christmas Market 2009

couple love

The Christmas Market season started on Saturday, 15th November 2009 in Vienna.

Advent, the four week period leading up to Christmas, descends upon Vienna once more.

During this time, as always Vienna was a city of nostalgia and romance. An important part is, of course, the traditional Christmas markets.

Classics included the Christmas market at:

  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • the Christmas market in front of City Hall
  • the traditional Viennese Christmas market on Freyung
  • Spittelberg
  • Am Hof
  • in front of the church of St. Charles (Karlskirche)

If you have never been to a Christmas market, before, you would be impressed by aromas of candied fruits, cotton candy, and other delicacies like Christmas punsch and roasted chestnuts floating around the wooden market stalls. The markets was filled with locals and tourists alike.

Typical things you could find there include:

  • Crepes, sweets, nuts, and many more delicacies
  • Christmas and folklore music as you wander from stall to stall
  • Hot wines, Christmas punsch, and other sweet alcoholic beverages.

Careful not to get drunk on these easy drinks!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas in Vienna

Where are the Christmas markets in Vienna?

For example, Wintermarkt at Riesenradplatz Christmas village can be found beside the Riesenrad (Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel) at the entrance of the Prater amusement park. 

And Christmas Market in the Gardens of Hirschstetten is
situated in the 22nd district.

Also, you can visit the Schonbrunn Palace Christmas Market and much more.

What to do in Vienna between Christmas and New Year?

You can Ice Skating outside Konzerthaus from December through early March.

Also, you can spend great time at Wintermarkt at Riesenradplatz – The market is open during New Year’s Eve as part of the Silvesterpfad.

When do the Christmas markets start in Vienna?

The Christmas market season begins mid-November and ends a few days before Christmas.

Where to stay in Vienna at Christmas?

Check out our guide of very special handpicked list of the best places to stay in Vienna, so that you can find the perfect place, no matter what you are looking for.

Does it snow in Vienna at Christmas?

It is possible that you wake up in Vienna and see that it is snowing outside at Christmas. But, according to locals chances are not that high. Although, it might be snow on the ground.

What to buy in Vienna Christmas markets?

Depending on your budget and interests you can choose from traditional Austrian food, sweet treats, Christmas decors and warm drinks to children’s books and games at the venue. There’s almost everything you can imagine.

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