City Bikes Gain Record Users

Using the bicycle as a regular transportation brings with it many benefits. Around the world, Vienna is one city that offers a biking lifestyle to its residents.

In July this year, the Austrian capital recorded the highest number of people using the City Bikes. The bicycles were used 129,279 times during the month which was 45 percent increase from the 2012 figure. In 2012, the number of users also went up by 25 percent from the 2011 figure.

Right now, the Vienna City Bike System has 450,000 registered users. Every year, the system records 750,000 journeys using these bicycles. Through the years, Vienna experienced an increase in the bike users. 

With this positive response from Vienna residents, the operator of the City Bike System is now planning to increase its bike stations from 111 to 120 by the early part of 2014. A total of 1,300 bikes are currently in use but the operator is about to add 200 more bikes soon.

Biking is indeed one great form of leisure activity. It allows you to see the beautiful sights along the way as they are with no barriers unlike when you’re inside a car or a tour bus. One also gets to feel and enjoy the real weather in their destinations.

Of course, biking is also a good form of cardio exercise. It helps tone the leg muscles as well as improves a person’s strength and resistance. 

So if you’re planning to visit Vienna soon or later, going around the city in a bicycle might be a good idea. You might also want to join a bike tour so you can be with a group of people.

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