City Tour by Boat

There are many ways to explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Vienna. You can do so by bus, tram, bicycle, by foot or by car. But visitors to Vienna looking for a unique way to tour the city should consider doing it by boat. And why not? There’s the world famous Danube River (part of which is in the Austrian capital) where this kind of sightseeing tour can be made possible.

Going on a cruise provides a different form of relaxation while getting to know the city’s famous attractions most of which are those established in the 20th and 21st century. The boat tour will take visitors to some of Vienna’s famous tourist attractions as they enjoy cruising through the calm waters of the Danube River.

The Danube Canal is the departure point of a Vienna boat ride. The canal is situated at the north-eastern edge of the city center and connects with the Danube at the Northern Vienna Woods and the South-eastern edge of the Prater woodlands.

Among the sites that can be viewed along the way from the waterduring the cruise are the impressive United Nations building, the Danube Tower, the multi-colored Hundertwasser’s Kunsthaus as well as the Prater Woodlands and the Danube Island.

A boat tour during the day is the best way to view the beautiful sites but if you’re after a romantic time with your loved ones, an evening tour is most recommended.

It’s easy to book for this kind of city tour as you can do it through the hotel you’re staying in.

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