Coffehouse Conversations Revived

Human interactions on a social level these days often take place on various social media platforms on the internet. It is here where people share information, experiences and images as well as discuss issues in real time.

In Vienna, however, the traditional salon-style and more personal conversations are being revived thanks to some concerned groups. A series of events will take place starting this March to encourage both local residents and visitors to interact with each other.

Called the Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations, this event series aims to revive the stimulating kind of socializing and debate in cafes that Sigmund Freud and artist Gustav Klimt were known for in the past. Set in the evening, the conversations will start with visitors being introduced face to face with a Viennese local. They will be provided with a menu of ice-breaking questions to encourage them to start a discussion. Topics to be covered include aspirations, inspirations, family, travel and friendship.

During these event series, guests can also enjoy a three-course meal and drinks. Austrian desserts and coffee will be offered as well.

The Coffeehouse Conversations will be held in two cafes – Cafe Museum which is a 114-year-old art noveau coffeehouse and Cafe am Heumarkt which is a 1950s bohemian coffeehouse. Both of these cafes serve local and vegetarian dishes for the evenings at affordable prices ranging from 30 to 50 euros.

This series of event will take place each month until the summer and those interested to take part need to register. The groups behind this worthy project are Vienna Unwrapped and Space and Plaec, a local cultural group.

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