Concert Cafes Only in Vienna

Apart from classical music and its world renowned musicians, Vienna is also well known for its cafe culture. Coffeehouses are everywhere in the Austrian capital and there’s even one unique type called the concert cafe. 

Concert cafes are coffeehouses that play live music mostly via the piano. They feature classical Viennese music sometimes with a hint of jazz. Other times, soloists also perform in these establishments. 

If you’re in Vienna, check out these concert cafes that regularly have a program of music. It’s a unique experience being there not only to savor the city’s great tasting coffee and pastries but as well as to listen to relaxing classical music. 

Cafe Landtmann – Established in 1873, this is one of the oldest cafes on the RingStrabe. VIPs who had visited the place include Sir Paul McCartney, Burt Lancaster, Romy Schneider, Marlene Dietrich and Gustav Mahler and take note, they not only enjoyed the coffee here but as well as the music. 

Cafe Weimar – Situated near the Volksoper, this cafe has been in existence since 1900. It continues to be a popular meeting place for artists and regular audiences. Live piano music is provided here including operettas, swing and jazz. 

Café Bräunerhof – To those who want to be in the city center, Cafe Bräunerhof is a perfect choice. Situated between the Imperial Palace and Graben in the Old City antiques district, this cafe features the Braunerhof Trio (cello, piano and violin) playing a variety of Viennese music including that of the Strausses, Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman and Robert Stolz. 

Café Schmid Hansl – This cafe is well known for playing Viennese songs, jazz, blues, musicals and opereta, folk and brass music. Coffee lovers who wish to enjoy different music genres will love it here. 

Café-Restaurant Residenz – Visitors wanting to experience being in a royal setting should not miss this cafe and restaurant in the Schonbrunn Palace. The coffee house which plays music is located upstairs while in the basement, the imperial bakery offers baking lessons plus an Apfel Strudel show. 


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