Cultural Spots Worth Visiting

A rich cultural experience awaits visitors in Vienna all year round. Whether it’s music, the visual and performing arts, film and cafe lifestyle you want to get a taste of in the city, tourists have every opportunity to do that and they have so many choices available. 

Austrian Film Museum – The OeFM, as it is also known, has the most comprehensive public film archive (including news reels and film stills) in the entire Austria. Their archive is categorized into four collections – avant-garde, non-industrial films; avant-garde Austrian film since 1950, film exile or works by emigres from Central and Eastern Europe as well as films produced in Soviet Union between 1918 and 1945. 

Established in 1964, the museum was set up  by film historian Peter Konlechner and artist Peter Kubelka. Their idea then was not only to build a film museum but one which will also serve as a research center and screening room of the highest standard. 

Brut Theater – For a different kind of art or the so-called art deviance, the Burt Theater is highly recommended. Formerly called Dietheater Wien, it accommodates theater, dance and other types of performance focusing on the off scene activities in the Austrian capital. In addition, it also hosts lectures, audience discussions, installations and video works. 

Imperial Library – Formerly the Hofbibliotek, this place boasts of some 200,000 books and manuscripts making it the largest baroque library in the entire Europe. Among the rare manuscripts that can be found here are those of Martin Luther which make up the world’s biggest collection of its kind. The library has a dome that showcases the frescoes done by Daniel Gran. 



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