Dating Tips

It’s been reported that nearly a third of Austrians are single. And to those who may be lucky to meet some of these men and women, it might do you good to know some things about Austrians before dating them. This way, you won’t be surprised or get uncomfortable once you meet in person. 

Firstly, people from Austria are reserved and conservative. In fact, men are not aware they’re being seduced already. The women, on one hand, are not necessarily the flirty type and they often miss the eye contact given to them by men. 

Did you know that Austrian men are not even good at flirting? They often show this “I’m not interested look” hence, women need to do a little more effort to be able to catch a man’s attention. And it would be a good idea to learn some local phrases in order to start a conversation. 

Once you get to know an Austrian, however, they don’t mind this public display of affection. They can be open to kissing and cuddling in public. And once they’re past that stage, they are quick to get physically intimate to making you wonder where that shyness had gone. 

Another trait of Austrians is their honesty. They can be very honest upfront but take note that this attitude is not to put a person down but rather it’s a show of concern and for the good of the person being addressed to.


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