Day Trips from Vienna to Salzburg, Bratislava, Budapest & More

Day trips from Vienna

Vienna is a city full of amazing attractions but a trip outside the city can yield equally interesting and enjoyable adventures. If you’re considering day trips from Vienna, always make sure to plan ahead.

Another great idea: ask locals for their recommendations.

Visitors to Vienna often describe the city as a magnificent place filled with history, culture, art, delicious food, and a trendy vibe. With tons of sights to check out including castles, palaces, museums, bars and clubs, the city has an endless list of things to do and see.

After you have spent many days exploring the vibrant city of Vienna, there are many day trips from Vienna you can take to other nearby cities in Austria and to some of the neighboring countries of Austria.

Here are incredible day trips from Vienna to some of the amazing sites around Central Europe.

Wachau Valley Day Trip from Vienna

Day trips from Vienna trainstation

Located west of Vienna, the Wachau Valley is an incredible place to visit. Full of history, amazing architecture, and lots of culture, the region of Wachau Valley represents a well preserved 18th century city. Located high up on the cliff side, Melk Abbey overlooks the city in all of its glory.

This 18th century Benedictine Monastery provides insight into the wealth and power that once existed within Austria. It was originally built in the 11th century. However, many buildings and parts were added to the Abbey over time. With baroque ceiling frescoes and a massive library housing over 100,000 incredible works and books, Melk Abbey is a must-see when visiting the Wachau Valley.

Wachau Valley day trip from Vienna offers a lot more than just stunning architecture. It is also home to many incredible wineries and plenty of absolutely incredible nature. A visit to Wachau Valley is only a one hour drive from Vienna. Once there, it is also possible to visit the beautiful city of Krems by boat.

Vienna Day Trips Krems

Located only 1 hour from Vienna, Krems is a true gem located near to the big capital city of Vienna. With old architecture that is incredibly well preserved, the city of Krems offers a beautiful place to spend a day outside of Vienna.

Krems houses an old 18th century town in the city centre, which spans from the banks of the Danube River up into the hills. Krems is not only a beautiful town filled with colourful and well preserved buildings, it also provides visitors with plenty of galleries, museums, shops, and restaurants to visit.

Known for its delicious cuisine and coffee houses, Krems is a great place to enjoy the cuisine of Austria and taste it in style! With a short drive or bus ride of only one hour, Krems is a must see when visiting Vienna.

Vienna to Salzburg day trip

Vienna to Salzburg day trip

Located in the center of the county of Austria, Salzburg is a stunning city to visit year-round. Whether it is in the dead of winter when the city is beautifully covered in snow or in the height of summer when locals and tourists alike gather on the banks of the river.

Salzburg has a unique beauty year-round. Particularly famous for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart, the city has beautiful architecture, nature, and sights.

The Hohensalzburg Castle is particularly notable, sitting on the hilltop overlooking the city.

Day trips from Vienna Salzburg

Besides the castle, there are also plenty of:

  • palaces
  • gardens
  • museums

Visiting the region helps provide insight into the musical genius behind Mozart. With beautiful scenery and architecture, there are plenty of ways to spend your days in Salzburg. Salzburg is located three hours away from Vienna.

Vienna to Prague day trip

day trips from vienna

Enhance your Central European adventure with a mesmerizing day trip to Prague from Vienna. In just a few hours, find yourself immersed in Prague’s magical landscapes, characterized by enchanting streets, gothic spires, and remarkable Baroque architecture.

Explore the historic Prague Castle, which narrates tales of emperors and kings, and wander through the Old Town Square, where the Astronomical Clock strikes a chord with its intricate mechanics and hourly shows.

The city’s rich tapestry of history, vibrant culture, and exquisite local cuisine create a captivating concoction that leaves travelers yearning for more. A visit to Prague promises a journey through time, a feast for the senses, and a treasure trove of unforgettable moments, making it an ideal complement to your Vienna exploration.

While in Prague, consider staying in Hotel Rott to experience the true essence of Czech hospitality. Given the few hours’ journey by bus, train, or flight, we recommend staying at least one night to fully relish the city’s rich tapestry of history, vibrant culture, and exquisite local cuisine, creating a captivating concoction that leaves travelers yearning for more. A visit to Prague promises a journey through time, a feast for the senses, and a treasure trove of unforgettable moments, making it an ideal complement to your Vienna exploration.

Bad Voslau day trips from Vienna

For a day of wine-tasting and relaxing spas, head out to this charming town in Modling, Lower Austria.

Bad Voslau is well-known for its therapeutic baths and vineyards that produce world-famous sparkling and red wines.

From the first public baths in 1822, the thermalbad (spa) now offers the latest in water and carbon dioxide treatments.

Vienna to Graz day trip

Graz Austria

Graz is located just over two hours from the capital city of Vienna, making it incredibly easy to visit in a day or weekend.

As the second largest city in Austria, Graz is a paradise for youngsters and travelers alike. With a young crowd living in and frequenting the city, Graz has a lot of energy, beauty, and history.

The city of Graz attracts so many youngsters due to its six universities located across the city. Due to it attracting so many students from across the continent and the world, Graz offers everything from international cuisines to incredible nightlife.

Vienna to Graz day trip

Graz has a beautiful old town square and has one of the best preserved old towns in all of Europe. With many museums, parks, and the stunning Eggenberg Palace, Graz has endless sights to see.

Whether you are looking to fulfill your creative side visiting some of the incredible museums, brush up on your history in some of the oldest castles and palaces, or get lost wandering around the old town, there is something to suit every travelers need in the city of Graz.

Vienna to Bratislava day trip

Vienna to Bratislava day trip

Although Bratislava is located in a completely different country, it is in fact closer to Vienna than many of the other places on this list. Bratislava, which is located in Slovakia, the neighboring country of Austria, is less than a one hour drive or train ride from Vienna. 

So, if you’re thinking about Bratislava to Vienna day trip, you can start planning your adventure right now.

With such a short distance between the cities, it is possible to visit a new country in just one day. You can try a one day trip from Vienna to Bratislava by train.

A visit to Bratislava gives insight into a new culture and country filled with history, great architecture, and delicious food. With an old Castle and many beautiful churches, the city is small enough to wander around on foot and provides a great day trip from Vienna.

Bratislava has lots of history and there are many places to visit across the city:

  • monuments
  • museums
  • galleries

The Old Town has many cobbled winding streets and is a great place to simply get lost in. With many restaurants, pubs, and shops, there are plenty of ways to spend your day in Bratislava.

Vienna to Budapest day trip

Budapest day trips from Vienna

If you are once again looking to visit another country on a simple and quick day trip from Vienna, Budapest is located only two and a half hours from the city.

Budapest is located in Hungary and is an absolutely breathtaking city. With the Danube running through the centre of the city, Budapest is divided into two parts: Buda and Pest. The city has a wealth of history, beautiful architecture, and amazing cuisine.

Differing slightly from Austrian cuisine, the city provides many hearty dishes and stews. With the beautiful Parliament buildings located along the river banks and Buda Castle overlooking the river, there are many spectacular views to be had of the city.

The train ride between Vienna and Budapest also provides spectacular landscapes and a glimpse into smaller Austrian and Hungarian towns.

Maybe you have a couple of days to spend away from the city. Or you are simply looking to explore one more place before your time is up in Vienna. These amazing places provide a deep insight into the power and wealth that once blessed this region of the world.  

Even if it’s just one day away from town, the beauty of a day trip from Vienna can be a memory to keep with you forever. You will see everything from towering palaces and castles to beautiful river cruises and mountainous towns.

5 Vienna to Budapest Day Trip & Tours For Budget Conscious Travelers

Budapest trip

Traveling on a budget is still very possible these days even if you’re heading to and going around Europe. With a little research and planning, anybody can enjoy a memorable vacation to their favorite European destination. And you don’t need to spend a fortune.

The Vienna to Budapest tour is one option available to budget travelers today. Situated in Central Europe, these two cities are close to each other. Only a few hours away and are well connected. This means that tourists have a great opportunity to visit two cities in one trip at a very affordable rate.

Whether you’re traveling from within Europe or outside the continent, you should be able to find the best deals that will take you to these two amazing destinations. You can travel by land (bus or train), by boat and by air depending on your personal preference. Visiting Budapest is one of the most beautiful day train trips from Vienna.

Travel time from Vienna to Budapest is two and a half to three hours. The bus is cheaper though with fares ranging from 12 to 24 Euros. And the train fare varies between 46 and 50 Euros.

Tour Through History

Vienna to Budapest day trip

One of the best ways to enjoy Vienna and Budapest is by taking a trip through historical sites. It’s a very enriching experience as you get to personally see the structures built in the past. And maintained or restored to their full glory as well as learn about their background.

Vienna alone already offers amazing architecture from the Gothic and medieval to Baroque and Renaissance periods. Some of them have been declared as UNESCO world heritage sites. The sites such as the Schonbrunn Palace and were built by renowned architects and artists.

In Budapest, popular attractions there rich in history are:

  • the Parliament House
  • the Royal Castle
  • Margaret Bridge
  • the Andrassy area

The cities of Vienna and Budapest together with Prague make up the so-called Golden Triangle. They share a common history under the reign of the Habsburg Emperors. And you can compare their similarities and differences in terms of architecture, music, cakes, and people.

Day Trips from Vienna

Budapest city

A day trip can also be experienced by bus from Vienna. Onboard a tour bus, this will take you through the plains of western Hungary to the city of Budapest which is beautifully situated on the banks of the Danube River. It is guaranteed to be a scenic ride that will bring a feeling of great relief and inner happiness.

Day trips from Vienna vary but there’s an opportunity to choose the sites you want to explore and the routes you want to take. In fact, you can also include other neighboring areas in your trip in addition to Budapest such as Salzburg, Bratislava and Prague. These destinations can be reached by car, train or by boat.

Round Trip

Another option available for tourists who want to visit Budapest for an entire day only can book a round trip from Vienna. With this trip which can be done onboard an air-conditioned bus, you can enjoy a comfortable tour. And all of that without having to book separately for your trip back to Vienna.

A guided tour would be best to take but if you want to explore on your own, you need to be very organized to make the most of your few hours in the city.

At Hungary’s capital, visitors will get to see the Parliament building, the largest in the city. There is the historical Heroes’ Square and Buda Castle. And the Matthias Church, considered the most beautiful religious structure in Budapest.

Sightseeing Tour

Travel to Budapest

For those who have the extra budget, the best way to enjoy both Vienna and Budapest is to take a few days sightseeing tour.

From the time you arrive in the Austrian capital, you will be billeted to your local hotel to relax. And then go on a guided tour the following day covering the city’s historical sights. In Vienna, you will surely marvel at the various grand structures that are rich in history and preserved to their former glory.  

To visit Budapest on the following days, it’s either you take the train or the bus. The train departs every hour and takes about two and a half hours to reach the Hungarian capital. This enchanting city known as The Pearl of the Danube boasts of several world heritage sites. The sites such as the Andrassy Avenue, Buda Castle, and Heroes’ Square.

From Budapest, you will be brought back to Vienna and then to the airport for your trip back home. This tour normally includes free breakfasts, airport transfer and guided tours.

Small Group Tour

day trips from Vienna to Budapest

While it’s definitely fine to take a private tour if you want to explore sights peacefully, being in a group tour is also a great option. Small-group tour might be the better choice than day trips from Vienna for specific types of tourists.

This is recommended for tourists who want to meet new friends while enjoying their short holiday in Europe. And all of that without having to think about where to go to next. A guided tour will let you learn about the historical background of popular spots and savor the company of people from varied cultures.

With these five options available, travelers to Vienna can choose the best one that suits their budget and preferred itinerary. And they can do this any time of the year.

Vienna Day Trips Durnstein

Day trips from Vienna Durnstein

Located along the Danube River in Wachau in Lower Austria is the historical town of Durnstein. Named after a medieval castle which overlooks it, Durnstein is replete with interesting architecture.

Such as Gothic and Renaissance style houses, the 15th century Monastery of the Augustinian Canons. And the Gothic convent of the Order of Saint Claire. Visitors also flock to Durnstein for its vineyards.

Vienna Day Trips Weinbau Wenzel

Oenophiles and tourists come to this charming town in Rust in Burgenland for the world-renowned wines. More specifically those coming from the Wenzel Winery.

Since the early 16th century, the town has gained its reputation for producing top-shelf, high-quality wines from varietals such as:

  • Furmint
  • Gelber Muskateller
  • Noble Rot (grapes with botrytis)

Vienna Day Trips Laxenburg

This charming town in Modling in Lower Austria was once the summer retreat place for the Habsburgs. This one might be on your list of day trips from Vienna if you want to enjoy the Schloss Laxenburg.

The Schloss Laxenburg was a castle estate. It has been transformed into a museum. And the gardens turned into an English landscape garden with man-made ponds and a small island.

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