Easter Market Vienna – Cool Things to Do in Vienna Over Easter

Easter market Vienna visiting

Easter is a special occasion celebrated around the world. It is fast approaching and when this season comes in the Easter market Vienna, locals, and visitors have something to look forward to once again.

By then, the city is full of the Easter markets selling classic and modern handmade crafts. 

Easter Market Vienna at the Schoenbrunn Palace

Decorating eggs

The venue is in the area fronting the Schoenbrunn Palace. Some 60 merchants are taking part in the markets.

This activity is traditional Easter custom in Vienna where merchants sell arts and crafts including:

  • jewelry
  • art pieces
  • Easter gifts (glass and wood carvings)

Outside the old Habsburg palace, there are food stalls offering local and Austrian specialties. Also, there are different types of eggs which are the traditional Easter symbol at the Easter market Vienna.

In this area, visitors enjoy shopping and they have an opportunity as well to marvel at the largest mountain made from decorated Easter eggs numbering 40,000 in all.

In addition, a children’s program featuring puppet shows and rabbit enclosures will be held there. 

More about History – Easter Sunday

Easter market Vienna eggs

Austria is now enjoying spring and with this comes the celebration of Easter in two weeks’ time. Being a Catholic country, the Holy Week is always observed all across Austria including the capital Vienna. Easter is the culmination of the 40-day observance of Lent. 

In 2015 Palm Sunday was on March 29 which marked the start of the Holy Week or what they call Karwoche. During this time, Catholics created large bouquets or Palmbuschen using willow twigs and foliage which are then decorated with ribbons and apples.

Easter vienna eggs

These bouquets are brought to church and blessed to symbolize the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. They are also used in fields to protect the crops as well as in homes to protect families from diseases and calamities. 

Easter fires are lit on the night before Easter Sunday in other parts of Austria. This tradition dates back to the pagain times when people would gather around a fire to sing and dance. 

On Easter Sunday, Austrians normally enjoy brunch with sweet bread, cold cuts, coloured eggs and horseradish.

Vienna Easter market 2020 has been cancelled due to corona pandemic.

Things to do in Vienna over Easter – Old Tradition & Eggs

Children eggs celebration holiday

Kids receive sweets and small gifts as well as a cake from their godfather or godmother. And the celebration won’t be complete without the Easter eggs. Visiting Vienna with kids is super fun. It doesn’t matter which part of the year you pick.

Austrians use two types of Easter eggs:

  • the decorative ones
  • the chocolates

The chocolate ones are normally eaten.

The decorative ones are the real eggs that are painted and hung in windows, on plants, and on bunches of willow twigs. 

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