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Coffee in Vienna

Coffee Houses

There’s no doubt that coffee is one of the most favorite morningdrinks for many people around the world.…
Austrian pastry

Viennese Pastries

Vienna is not only world famous for its classical music, historical sites and coffeehouses but also for its…
Coffee - Austria

Viennese Coffee

Mornings won’t be complete without the hot coffee. This is very true inVienna. Coffee is the preferred drink…
Vienna wine bar bottles

Vienna Wine Bar – Best Wien Heuriger According to Locals

Wine is one of Vienna's famous products and is one of the world's best. Not many may be aware that the Austrian capital has an abundance of vineyards and wineries that produce great and unique tasting wine.

But apart from the vineyards which visitors can tour around, this international city is also home to the heurigen or the traditional  wine tavern. Most of them are located in the vineyards outside the capital but for those who prefer to stay within the city center, the Heurigen area is the best place to go to.