Electric Spring Music Festival

If there’s one city where music festivals are held all year round, it has to be Vienna. Being the world’s music capital, there are already traditional music events that take place in the Austrian capital each year involving classical and modern music. But more are being organized.

As an example, a new festival for electronic music will take place this April 16 and 17. Set at the MuseumsQuartier, the event will feature current and local electronic music and the best part is there’s no fee required to take part in this event.

Vienna’s electronic music is well known around the world and visitors will have an opportunity to experience this for two days at the new Electric Spring music festival. Hip-hop music will be the focus of this event.

To launch this festival, a Living Waterfalls performance will be shown featuring colored water sculpture rising out of the pond. The fountains will showcase the image compositions of Robert Seidel and the experimental sounds of Ritornell. Other artists to be featured include rapper Nazar, Colostrum, Loretta Who, Konea Ra, Gods, Elektro Guzzi and Ogris Debris.

In the evening starting at 10 p.m., various DJs will play their music mixes on the turntables at the Kunstahlle Wien and Cafe Leopold. Among them are DJs Etepete and Patrick Pulsinger.

The festival’s second day will kick off with an open-air performance by electronic musician Ankathie Koi at the MQ main courtyard. Johann Sebastian Bass will follow.



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