Exquisite Viennese Jewelry

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Visitors in Vienna looking for an elegant and trendy souvenir they can wear on a daily basis or give as a gift can buy authentic jewelry pieces with attractive styles and designs. You need not go to the major shops because you can find the more affordable ones at the small studios and galleries. The jewelry lovers should definitely find time to explore these smaller studios where designers showcase their creative pieces.

One place you can visit is the Stoss im Himmel in the city center. Here, tourists can find several metal workers and jewelry artists in one workshop. You can even gain a little knowledge about jewelry making and designing from the  friendly and accommodating artists.

For those who love rings and collect them, the Ring King is strongly recommended. At this studio, you can purchase the charm rings or the bubble type featuring great designs.

The Spiegelgasse Act gallery is another place worth exploring. The gallery boasts of the creative works of both Austrian and international artists.

Still another gallery you can visit is the moha jewelry. Here you will find character pieces including the humorous kind made by international designers including the knot and grass rings. 

If you fancy jewelry made from unusual materials, then you should drop by Pomp. Located in the Freihaus district, the shop features two designers who use materials such as leather, aluminum, wood and mussels in making their creative pieces.

Skrein located on Spiegelgasse is another popular source of unique handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Those who prefer high quality jewelry can also choose from the traditional types that include precious stones and those made from natural horn.

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