Famous Vienna Horses Help Maintain Park Lawns

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If you’re looking for beautiful and well trained horses in Vienna, the Spanish Riding School is the best place to visit. The school not only offers horse riding training but also provide horse performances for guests on a daily basis. And take note, one of their avid fans is Queen Elizabeth. 

But did you know these famous white Lipizzaner stallions also provide good service to Vienna’s parks? Other than their regular routine at the Spanish Riding School, these horses help maintain the lawns at the Austrian capital’s parks. 

For this particular service, the horses will be let out at the parks for an hour each day for six days a week. But this will not be for the long term as they will only be performing this activity until August 2nd. 

These Lipizzaner stallions are a cross between Spanish, Arabian and Berber horses. They originally came from the Spanish Iberian Peninsula. 

It should be understood, however, that although the Spanish Riding School is named as such, it is actually a purely Austrian institution. It is what remains of the previous Austro-Hungarian Empire which used to include Spain. 



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