Feeding Your Creative Soul in Vienna

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It is no secret that some of the most legendary artists and musicians were born and lived in Vienna and were inspired by the beautiful city itself. On a visit to Vienna, it is often expected that you will choose to feed your creative soul in this incredible city. From art museums to sculptures, incredible architecture, musicals, operas, and dance performances, there are hundreds of fantastic ways to discover the arts and culture as well as your own creative side in the capital city of Vienna. Here are a few different places you can visit in the city to discover the art, music, dance, and architecture of Vienna.

Discovering the Art Museums in Vienna

The Leopold Museum houses contemporary artwork of both local, national, and international artists. The collections include African, Asian, and Oceanic art and often exhibit both incredible local and international contemporary works. The Leopold Museum is often a great place to begin your art adventure in Vienna. It is also conveniently located in the MuseumsQuartier and gives you easy access to other museums in the vicinity.

Also located in the MuseumsQuartier, the Museum of Modern Art, also known as Mumok, houses thousands of incredible pieces of modern art. With over 9,000 pieces from paintings to sculptures, drawings, and films, this museum provides insight into newer artists that have emerged locally as well as nationally and internationally. For those interested in more recent works of art, Mumok is the place to be.

Also in the MuseumsQuartier, the Kunsthalle Wien houses many contemporary art pieces as well as some modern art. The Kunsthalle Wien has a high standard of art and should not be missed by those looking to feed their creative souls in Vienna. This museum is a lot edgier than the other ones and provides excellent displays and will leave you thinking long after you have left the grounds of the museum.

The Albertina has a massive collection of over one million prints and 60,000 drawings. With thousands of graphical collections, The Albertina is the largest and most valuable art collection in the world. Pieces range from French impressionism including Monet and Degas, as well as German expressionism. The building itself is a spectacular piece of architecture, making the visit to gaze upon some of the worlds most valuable and breathtaking art pieces all the more worthwhile.

The Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna, also commonly known as the Natural History Museum of Vienna, has millions of objects, sculptures, and art pieces from around the world. With plenty of different collections, the museum gives insight into Vienna and the country of Austria throughout the years. Fulfilling your creative side is easy at this museum as you are spoiled with choice and displays including artwork as well as sculptures and artifacts.


Discovering Art Through Architecture in Vienna

The Kunst Haus Wien is truly a remarkable place from the outside. The building is comprised of many different colours and no part of the building appears to be the same. Different shapes and window sizes protrude from the building, making it an impressive sight to see. Plants and trees have overgrown from balconies and climb up the buildings walls, adding to the colour and character of the building. The Kunst Haus Wien not only inspires modern day visitors. It once inspired great works by many painters and continues to do so until this day.

The Belvedere is a popular and much loved building located in Vienna. This massive historical building consists of two Baroque palaces and houses many impressive works of art. Not only is the inside impressive however with marble, golden rooms, and incredible high ceilings and paintings, but the outside of the palace is also incredible. With beautiful gardens, sculptures, and endless grounds to explore, the Belvedere is a must see on a visit to Vienna to feed your creative soul.

Continuing on with discovering art through architecture, the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien is another incredible building to marvel at. From the outside artwork located over the doorframe to the incredible rooms each dedicated to a different form of art, the Bank is an impressive place to visit. With classic modern and postwar pieces, there are endless exhibits to see inside these walls. It is also an edgier place to discover art and architecture in the city of Vienna and is especially popular for the younger crowds.

The 21er Haus is an incredible Austrian art museum and houses many pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries. Although the artwork is impressive, the building itself is equally so. From the outside the 21er Haus was built in 1958 for the World Exhibition. Even from the outside alone, this museum is well worth setting your eyes upon.

The MAK (Museum for Applied Arts) is a great museum to visit if you are more hands on and prefer viewing art through pieces including furniture, glass, china, silver, and textiles. Pieces range from the Middle Ages to the present day and include local, national, and international pieces.

If you are simply looking to study deeper into the architecture of Vienna, head over to the Az W- Architekturzentrum Wien, simply known as the Architecture Center Vienna. This building houses a vast knowledge of architecture including research and information from around the world.

Discovering the Musical Theatres in Vienna

The Vienna Opera House should not be missed in Vienna. Located in the city centre and incredible from the inside and out, the Opera House hosts many incredible opera performances as well as other fantastic performances. With a beautiful interior, plush seating, and details to distract, the performances here are well worth the price.

The Vienna Philharmonic is arguably one of the best in the world and put on incredible performances year round. While Vienna is often famed for its artwork, the music here is equally as impressive. The Philharmonic are one incredible example of unbelievable musical artists in the region. If you are looking to have an incredible experience, head to the Schonbrunn Palace in the summer months, where they host free open-air events in the stunning palace gardens.

Often Vienna is referred to as the “City of Music”, and here at the House of Music, this rings true. The House of Music is like an interactive museum and musical gallery located in the city center. Travel back in time and discover some of the greatest national and local artists of Vienna and Austria. From great composers to musicians and singers, this is a great place to visit to feed your musical soul.

As arguably one of the greatest symphonies in the world, the Wiener Symphoniker specialize in some of the most incredible and romantic concert literature worldwide. If you are looking to experience something truly unique and eclectic, then visit the Wiener Symphoniker and you won’t be disappointed.

The Mozarthaus Vienna is a museum and often holds incredible performances, exhibitions, and musical and theatrical shows. In memory of the incredible Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Mozarthaus offers visitors a glimpse into the fully preserved apartment of the musical genius himself. Get inspired at the Mozarthaus and take a look into the life of this legend.

Visiting the city of Vienna is not complete without indulging yourself into the artistic side of the city. Whether you choose to do so at the art museums, the musical shows, or simply take in the incredible architecture of the city, there are hundreds of ways to understand the culture and art of the city of Vienna. Don’t forget to taste the foods of the city too and feed your creative soul in the kitchen as well!

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