Franz West Exhibition at MMK Museum

The MMK Museum fur Moderne Kunst is set to launch a major exhibition featuring the works of the late Franz West, one of Austria’s renowned contemporary artists. Entitled Franz West: Where is My Eight?, the exhibit is a first to showcase the artist’s unique sculptures, collages and room installations.

This rare exhibition was organized by Franz West himself before he died in 2012. He even coined the title for it based on his 2004 gouache which depicts a woman wearing a pair of trousers. The woman had just gone through a successful diet and realized that the trousers she was putting on was already too big for her new size. From the title Lost Weight, the artist removed the W to make it into Lost Eight and thus his exhibition’s title Where is my Eight?

This exhibit at the MMK Museum will focus on Franz West’s Combi Works. These feature several artworks that were combined to create a whole. Visitors will get to see how the late artist combined and recombined various works to include furniture, sculptures, videos and works on paper.

Most of Franz West’s artworks were meant to involve the viewer. His method of actively involving the viewer as a user of his works was said to have changed the traditional idea of an artist and his artwork. By user of his work means he wanted his viewers to physical handle or occupy his creations and not merely watch them from a distance. 
Vienna visitors who have followed the latest artist’s art works can drop by the MMK Museum fur Moderne Hunst to view the exhibit.

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