Frauenlauf Women’s Run

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Each year, a running event for women called Women’s Run takes place across Austria with Vienna as the main point. Normally, two races are included – the 5K and 10K but this year, a 5K Nordic Walking will be added.

The main objective of this race is to encourage girls and young women to be involved in running. Also, it aims to promote and support the young female athletes of Austria.

For this year, the race will be held on May 26, a Sunday. A party with free concert and the awarding ceremonies will take place afterwards starting at around early afternoon. 

Six competition categories are featured in this event. They are the individual, team, family, elite, school and one for the visuall impaired and deaf. The team competition is further categorized into the girlfriends, families, companies, teachers and students.

The 5k run, which is a round course, is most ideal for beginners. Registration starts March 1 and can be done online. A minimal fee is required to join this women’s run but students below the age of 18 can avail of a discounted fee.

The founder of this Frauenlauf event said that in 2012, they had a six-year-old girl as the youngest runner. The oldest at that time was 80 years old. Some 136 schools took part in last year’s race. That included 5,141 pupils and 623 female teachers.

Other than the local Viennese folks, the race has been attracting international participants. Representatives from 66 countries have, so far, been noted.

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