Gay-themed Traffic Lights

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On city roads, the traffic lights are normal installations people see every day. But if you’re Vienna, you will be amazed to see their different kind of traffic lights for pedestrians. 

Instead of the usual pedestrian stick man figure people are very familiar of, the Austrian capital this year installed new traffic lights focusing on gays. They feature a couple (man and woman), two women and two men and were designed for use during gay-friendly events. 

But since the lights have become very popular, the city has decided to retain them for good. These gay-themed pedestrian traffic lights are situated at 47 crossings. 

According to the person in charge of traffic issues in the local council, the new lights have already become cult status the reason why they have decided to let them stay. It was during the Eurovision Song contest last May that the new lights were first installed. A Facebook page that called for the permanent use of the new traffic lights has earned 20,000 likes. 

Vienna is known as a gay-friendly city offering a vibrant and diverse gay and lesbian scene. Many business establishments including cafes, restaurants and hotels welcome gays. Among them are the Cafe Willendorf, Cafe Savoy, Chameleon and Mango Bar. 

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