Gifts Made by Convicts Selling Online

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Prisoners in Austria are a great inspiration because of the things they do while in jail. Unkown to many, many of those behind bars have talents and they are doing creative projects which people outside can actually benefit from. 

They make handmade metal figurines board games, dog baskets, clocks, handmade bags made from recycled jeans and Christmas decorations, among others. And these items are sold via the Austrian Justice Ministry’s new online shop. 

Launched last November 1st, the online shop offers what it calls gift ideas for all occasions. The prisoners are often hired for construction works by the prison service. They were also trained to learn new skills and crafts. 

Profits from the sale of the gift products are used to pay for the salaries of prisoners as well as to improve prison service. So whether you’re in Vienna, other parts of Austria or anywhere in the world, it is possible to purchase creative and handmade gift items from the Austrian Justice Ministry’s online shop and you’ll help many prisoners. 

The Federal Ministry of Justice is a ministry of the Austrian federal government. It has offices in the Palais Trautson. 




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