Health Insurance in Vienna

Austrian health insurance is excellent, but it is quite costly. So if you are planning to stay in Vienna for a long time, it is important that you are covered.

If you will study in a University, you will be covered by public health insurance which is mandatory for all universities within Austria. All you have to do is contact the office which handles foreign students for more information.

For students who are planning to take courses in local language schools, health insurance is optional although additional insurance is offered at reasonable prices. Private travel and health insurance is also an option.

Working in Vienna is a different story, just like in universities health care is mandatory. Public health insurance payments are automatically deducted from an individual’s salary. Additional or top-up insurance packages are also available. This gives better coverage and allows you to choose your doctor as well. Expats on the other hand are advised to make arrangements and clarify all details with their employer.

If you have to see a doctor, simply present your insurance certificate or leave a deposit especially during emergencies. If you have a private health or travel insurance, you are often required to foot the bill first and then it is reimbursed unless specified otherwise by the health provider.

Treatments in hospitals are generally free if you have health insurance. At times there are small contributions which are required by the insurance provider, but these are minimal.

Keep in mind though that not all doctors or treatments are covered by public or private insurance. It is best to check with the doctors or insurance provider first. It is also important to have some cash handy when going for treatment because not all hospitals and doctors accept credit cards.

In case of emergency, dial 114 for immediate help.

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