High Quality of Living in Vienna

Many countries all over the world have experienced economic instability in 2011. Even European countries had their share of difficulties. Despite this, Vienna has maintained their ranking as the number one city with the highest quality of life. Life expectancy in Vienna averages at 79.5 years of age. The less stressful lifestyle is a result of have a thriving economy and a stable political system.

Vienna is proud to be a safe city, ranking 5th in Mercer’s separate personal safety study. It has an excellent public transportation system –trams, buses and underground trains. It also boasts of well-organized public services and efficient educational facilities. There is a good value for money, plus there are many leisure and cultural activities within the city. One may enjoy the theatre, opera, music, art exhibitions and museums easily. Apart from these, Vienna has a moderately mild climate as compared to other European countries. With an average summer temperature of 20-30C and a winter temperature that barely goes below zero.

The Mercer study was done by expatriate staff which lived and worked in the respective cities. It was based on a 39-point criteria that includes political, social, economic and environmental factors. It also considers personal safety, public services such as healthcare, education, training, traffic and transportation. The results of this annual study help multinational companies and governments who send staff abroad by giving them information so that they can compensate their employees fairly when sending them to international assignments.

Image from Yaisog Bonegnasher

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