Hiking Hotspots

Hiking is a personal, healthy and fun activity notably when you do it with loved ones or friends. You can actually do this in Vienna which offers many picturesque hiking paths.

Popular hiking destinations in the Austrian capital with a long tradition for this outdoor activity are the Heurigen or the wine taverns, the Lainz Zoo, the Vienna Woods and not to forget, the numerous vineyards. A total of 15 hiking paths are in place as laid out by the Forestry Office. Most provide beautiful and breathtaking views you’ll be thankful you chose to hike than take the car, bus or train.

Some hiking paths are long such as those in the city’s outskirts but they’re accessible to public transport. It can take five or six days to complete the route. These areas are the Kahlenberg, Leopoldsberg, Hermannskogel Hameau, Jubilaumswarte, Ottakring, Bisamberg, Zugberg-Maurer Wald, Sofienalpe and Prater.

For those who wish to include a trip across the city, there are two routes to choose from. One goes from north to south while the other covers west to east.

Hikers normally do this activity for personal satisfaction. But when you’re in Vienna, hiking is more fun as you get to collect stamps and earn pins (bronze, silver and gold) and certificates when you complete the path.

Hiking around Vienna is best done during spring and summer. Springtime will let you experience the colorful flowers along your path while summer is a great time to enjoy the best views of nature.

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