Historic Restaurants and Cake Shops

One of the best things to experience in Vienna is its rich history and culture. Even in these modern times, the Austrian capital never ceases to amaze tourists with its well preserved historical landmarks that cover not only the palaces and cultural structures but as well as dining places. 

In Vienna, one can still visit historic restaurants and even cake shops that date back to the times when the famous Viennese musicians such as Beethoven as well as literary and royal figures like Mark Twain, Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth were still alive. If you want to know where these places are, we’re sharing them below. 

Griechenbeisl – Established in 1447 in Fleischmarkt 11, it was originally called The Yellow Eagle. Eventually, it got other names such as Golden Angle, Red Roof and Reichenberger Beisl. Famous people who visited here include Johan Straus, Johannes Brahmms, Mark Twain, Richard Wagner and Franz Schubert.  

This restaurant’s present name Griechenbeisl literally means Greek Tavern. It’s called as such because in the mid 17th century, merchants from Greece and Levantine settled near the meat market. The area  later became known as the Greek Quarter. 

Demel – Located in Kohlmarkt 14 just before Michaelerplatz, this is the confectionary bakery of the Imperial and Royal Court. The late Empress Elisabeth used to order her sweets from here not only for her usual breakfast but also for the yearly Kaiserball, court festivities and imperial birthday celebrations. Emperor Franz Joseph’s pick, on the other hand, was the carnival doughnut.

Here’s a trivia. The favorite dessert of the empress then was a sorbet made with violet blossom, spun sugar and a little bit of champagne. For those curious about its taste, you can still order this sweet treat at Demel. 

Interestingly, the waitresses that served guests in Demel back then were not just ordinary women but were recruited from convent schools. They were called than as Demelinerinnen.

Also in the olden days, the waitresses had to follow a certain etiquette that won’t offend the aristocrats visiting the Demel Bakery. They were trained to always address the guests by asking “Has the lday already made a selection?”


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