Hofburg Vienna Ball for Business

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At the start of each year, Vienna hosts several balls as part of its famous ball season. This is a formal event wherein attendees take part in dance performances that highlight the waltz and other musical entertainment. Dinner is included and sometimes, famous people are invited as guests.  

The dress code for these balls are long gowns (ankle-length) for the females and coat and tie (tuxedo or tail coat) for the men. The ball event provides an opportunity for people to take part in a a formal affair in an elegant environment such as the Hofburg palace with all the glitz and glamour even for just one night. 

The Viennese industry has its own ball called the Hofburg Vienna Ball. Set to take place this January 24th, this event that promises a memorable evening of musical entertainment is exclusive for the business industry. Professionals from all levels and from various industries take part in this event which provides a great opportunity to meet new partners and widen one’s network. 

As the economic center of Austria, Vienna is home to numerous companies and businesses of all sizes. The capital is considered as the most significant industrial location in Austria. The service sector is the most important employer in Vienna which holds 75 percent of the Viennese jobholders.

Hundreds of balls are held each year in Vienna. They are organized by the city, professional associations, business organizations, churches, committees, schools and clubs and are open to the public. 



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