How to Get a Certified Used Car in Vienna

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Vienna is a famous international city where the cost of living can be hi gh. As such, visitors and immigrants who have more than enough funds can well afford to stay in luxurious hotels or fully furnished homes and buy or rent cars to go around the Austrian capital.

If mobility is what you’re after, it’s not necessary to purchase a brand new car in Vienna. A more affordable option is to go for the used cars. The thought of this, however, can scare some people who want to avoid costly repairs should they find out later that the car they got has many mechanical problems. So the important thing to remember is to get not just any used car but a quality and certified one.

So what’s a certified used car in Vienna? It’s a pre-owned automobile sold at a local dealer so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality vehicle. This type of used car has passed a rigid manufacturer certified inspection and in addition, it has an extended warranty. This means that by getting a certified used car, you free yourself from experiencing the problems of the previous owner.

This certified used car program stemmed from a rise in car leases observed by many manufacturers in the 1990s. At that time, dealers had a lot of well maintained cars with low mileage that led major car manufacturers to certify lease returns and resell them.

The dealers are normally asked by the manufacturers to inspect the trade-in cars and lease returns before the vehicles are considered as certified used cars. A point system is used based on the inspection criteria for each brand of car.

Certified used cars command a higher price compared to the ordinary ones available in the market. This is because the manufacturer inspection and extended warranty have already been taken into consideration here. Price should not be an issue, though, if you are after a quality vehicle that won’t give you headaches and other major problems moving forward.

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