Hunting and Hunter’s Ball

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As the new year starts, Vienna is already abuzz with different types of balls. It’s the ball season, after all. 

One of the famous ball events in the Austrian capital is the Hunter’s Ball. This one is unlike any other because participants get to wear traditional Austrian dress and be in fairytale forests depicting the life of hunters. This year, this kind of ball will take place on January 26th at the Imperial Palace. 

Hunting has been a popular activity in Vienna since the olden times, although not many people are aware of it. In fact, Austria boasts of having some fantastic hunting grounds for mountain Red stags, Chamois and Russian boar. Hunting tours are also being offered which may include accommodations in a small hotel or a hunting cabin in the mountains, if you wish. 

Generally in Austria, only rifles are allowed for hunting and the shot distances only cover a maximum of 200 yards. If you’re taking part in a hunting tour, it is the guide who will decide on the animal that can be shot. Tourists are encouraged to bring a good quality camera to easily spot game from a distance. 

A normal hunting tour includes a mix of walking and sitting at strategic areas to spot and stalk animals. An alert eye is, therefore, of utmost importance. 


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