Imperial Butterfly House

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Butterflies are beautiful and they never fail to captivate the hearts of people. In Vienna, there is this unique tropical oasis known as the Imperial Butterfly House. Located in an Art Noveau palm house considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful, the house features some 400 live butterflies freely flying around throughout the year. 

These butterflies do their own thing every day in an area that boasts of exotic plants and waterfalls simulating real nature. The butterfly house is such a peaceful and relaxing place to visit with friends and loved ones and even kids. 

The butterflies that live here are very colorful with exquisite patterns. They provide stress relief to anybody visiting the place. 

Various species of butterflies can be found in the Imperial Butterfly House where they enjoy natural light and a natural environment much like their own in the wild (26 degree temperature and 80 percent humidity. They have been brought to Vienna all the way from Costa Rica, Belize, Surinam, Thailand and the Philippines. 

The plants in the butterfly house have also been well chosen with the butterflies in mind. The flowering plants produce nectar which serve as the food for butterflies. They include the hibiscus, heliotrope, lantana and plumbago. 

Artificial flowers sprayed with honey on a regular basis are also in place. They are used by the butterflies as their feeding station. 

It’s worth noting that each particular species of butterfly has its own host plant where the female normally lays her eggs. As an example, the banana leaves are preferred by the Owl butterfly, the Heliconius species lay eggs on passion flower leaves while the milkweed is the host plant of the Monarch butterfly. 



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