The Imperial Butterfly House

The Palm House in Burggarten is one of the greatest nouveau structures was once the emperor’s private greenhouse and it was used for relaxation and entertainment. Since its reconstruction in 1998, the 3000 square feet area towers over the Hofberg Palace. Now it has become a tourist attraction with a nice cafe, plant storage, plant garden and a marvelous butterfly house.

The Imperial Butterfly House also known as the “Schmetterlinghaus ” is like a natural rain forest where hundreds of butterflies fly freely and flutter around visitors. It has a waterfall, a small pond and several bridges. All these create a picturesque setting for the butterflies.

Inside the butterfly house you can find a “pupa box” where once can watch how larvae turn into butterflies. There are also illustrated charts which provide interesting facts about these majestic insects and their life cycles. The “Schmetterlinghaus ” also houses the breathtaking Atlas butterfly with its colorful and interesting pattern and a wing span of 11 inches.

This magical garden at the center of the city is a great venue for weddings and receptions due to its enchanting ambiance. Its 27C temperature and 80% humidity is also a great come on for cold weather or winter weddings.

Visit the Imperial Butterfly House at any time of the year. Check out for more information.

Butterfly House

1., Burggarten

Tram D, 1, 2, Bus 57A: Burgring

Tel. 533 85 70

Image from Mihai Bojin

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