International Restaurants in Vienna

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When it comes to food, Vienna offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Local residents and foreign tourists will not only enjoy traditional Viennese cuisine in this capital of Austria but will get to savor other international dishes as well. Here are some restaurants with unique international food offerings and ambience which you may want to try out for yourselves.

Indochine 21 – French Vietnamese cuisine is this restaurant’s specialty. Their food selections include fish, crustaceans, herbs, rice, crispy vegetables and exotic fruits.

Yohm – This is ideal for people in search of Asian dishes. Here you will get to taste not only one country’s local and authentic cuisine but popular dishes of the Asian continent in general.

Le Wei – Savory Chinese and other dishes from East Asia (Thailand, Japan, Korea and India) are offered in this restaurant run by a Chinese couple from India. The restaurant has modern interiors and provides fast and friendly service.

Wieno – Wine lovers will surely have a great time in this exclusive Viennese wine bar near the City Hall. Some60 popular wines from 18 vintners are offered here.

Schon Schon – This place is not just a restaurant but also a hairdressing salon and dressmaker shop. What makes it distinct is its long table where guests can hang out whether during day time or night time and enjoy great conversation and food with friends.

Curry Insel – Some people are just so fond of spices and if you’re one of them, the Curry Insel is highly recommended. This place boasts of great tasting Sri Lankan and Indian food but be sure to go there early as it’s often jampacked.

Pizzeria Da Capo – This is perfect for lovers of pasta and Italian dishes. The restaurant is famous for its pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven while the pasta dishes are also a must as they’re served al dente. This pizzeria’s menu also includes meat and seafood dishes.

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