Josephinum Medical Museum

Museums abound in Vienna and if you’re interested in anatomy, there’s one place worth visiting. The Josephinum Medical Museum features the second largest collection of wax anatomical models in the world and the world’s largest collection of wax obstetric models. 

The wax collections in the museum are encased in their original rosewood and venetian glass displays that date back to the late 1700s. A total of 1,192 models of dismembered body parts and whole figures are being showcased there. 

All the wax models were created accurately and in detail including the veins and arteries. They were made to train medical students in the olden days at a time when dissecting corpses was still messy and illegal in some areas. 

Did you the these wax anatomical models were actually made in Florence, Italy and were transported to Vienna in the 18th century over the alps by pack mule? They made their way to the Austrian capital via the Danube river. 

Considered the most beautiful model is that of Anatomical Venue inspired by the Greek goddess of beauty. It has long hair, eyelashes, pearls, a gold headband and lies in a glass coffin with herr chest open. 

Other items on display in the Josephinum Medical Museum are some of the oldest medical instruments. 


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