Krieau: Harness Racing Club

Visitors in Vienna wanting to be entertained in a variety of ways can surely fully satisfy themselves. From music to food to sports, they can experience the kind of entertainment they so desire at their most convenient time.

Those looking for action featuring horses have two choices. They can visit the Spanish Riding School or they can go to Krieau or the Harness Racing Club.

Vienna’s horses are very popular and those found outside the Innere Stadt are in the Wiener Trabrennbahnverein or the Viennese Harness Racing Club. Also known as Krieau, the club in existence since 1618 is named after Kriegsau which refers to war swamps.

Situated near the Prater Amusement Park, the Harness Racing Club features a horse racecourse which was constructed in 1878. It is considered Europe’s second oldest track after the Moscow Hippodrome. A steel and concrete grandstand, the first in Europe, was later built in 1913.

Also in the complex is a tower, a historical landmark, which underwent restoration works in 2002 to preserve its pre-war look. The grandstands in place are already newly built.

History has it that harness racing was already ongoing at the Krieau prior to the construction of the race track. Initially, only time trials without betting were done. It was only later when people can bet on their favorite horses.

The horse racing season in Vienna today normally begins in September and lasts until June. On special events, visitors are allowed to ride the sulkies together with professionals. During the summer, the place accommodates live concerts and an open air cinema showing classic films on a giant screen.

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