The Kursalon Wien

Vienna has lots of beautiful places to offer to visitors this holiday season particularly those looking for relaxing musical entertainment. Music lovers including the romantics can enjoy a night of music and great dining experience at the Kursalon Wien situated near the City Park in the Ring Boulevard. 

The Kursalon is a popular place during the Christmas season owing to the concert with dinner it offers to guests in a stylish surrounding. The gala dinner normally takes place at the Restaurant Johann starting at 6 p.m.

Built between 1865 and 1867, this building that boasts of an Italian Renaissance architectural design was built by Johann Garber. Originally, the place was used as a spa with only a few people visiting there. After some time, however, there was much clamor for musical entertainment the reason why it was eventually transformed into a concert venue. The first concert held in the Kursalon was that of Johann Strauss in October 1868. 

Since then, the place became a favorite venue of dances and promenade concerts as well as a meeting place for the Viennese society. 

Today, the Kursalon Wien is being managed by Josip Susnajara and Friederike Polzhofer. It features four huge ballrooms on two floors and a large terrace measuring 1,000 square meters. The terrace provides a great view of the City Park and is also a beautiful venue for any event.  

The City Park near the Kursalon opened in 1862 and spans 65,000 square meters. The park’s style is that of an English landscaped park patterned after the work of landscape painter Josef Selleny. 


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