Learning the Local Etiquette

When visiting a new country, it’s a good idea to be able to learn a few phrases of the local dialect. This will help you interact well with the locals and even make some new friends. 

When in Vienna, travelers should learn to use formal greetings when meeting a local. You can say “Gruss Gott” or Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend” depending on the time of day you’re going to use this. It’s also customary to return the greeting when you are greeted first or the salutation. 

Keep in mind that the Viennese love teir titles so in case you are meeting someone with a degree that you know, you should use their title while shaking hands. If you’re in a restaurant, address the waiter as “Herr Ober” or Mr. waiter. 

Another etiquette worth remembering is asking for a specific type of coffee when you order your favorite drink in the famous Vienna coffee houses. Hence, instead of just saying coffee, ask for mocca, expresso or melange. Better yet, ask for their menu first and get to know the types of coffee variants they serve before ordering. A traditional Viennese coffee house should have a list of the various kinds of coffee they serve. 

Also, add 10 percent to your bill as this is customary instead of giving a tip to the waiter. You can ask the waiter to add it to your total bill. 

And before leaving, do thank the waiter for his service by saying “danke” or “bitte.”


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