Life Ball

Elegant balls are part of the Viennese culture. These take place each year and one of them is the Life Ball.

Unlike the other balls, however, the Life Ball is focused on the AIDS campaign and people suffering from it. It is, in fact, one of the world’s largest charity and star-studded events.

This year, Vienna’s Life Ball is set on May 25 with the theme “1001 Arabian Nights.” In line with the theme, the event will feature poetry, fairy tales, fabulous animals and the well-known genies.

A Red Ribbon celebration concert will be held on the eve of the ball carrying the motto “united in difference.” Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will be in attendance. On the same day, designer Robert Cavalli who gained popularity in the 2001 Life Ball will open his flagship store in the Goldenes Quartier. In the same venue, a charity limited edition called the AIDS Solidarity Gala charity auction in support of the Life Ball will also be presented.

On the day of the Life Ball, a fashion show will be presented in the evening on the Red Ribbon catwalk featuring the creations of Robert Cavalli. Some 3,780 people are reported to have bought tickets to attend the party in the City Hall.

Vienna’s Life Ball generates some EUR 2 million each year to fund worthy projects particularly those carried out by organizations dedicated to fighting AIDS. May 31 of every year is celebrated worldwide as the AIDS Memorial Day.

The classic Viennese ball dates back to more than four centuries ago.

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