Marchfeld Plain

In Vienna, there is this former battleground in the eastern section called Marchfeld. The place is now a plain well known for its fertile soil and where wealthy farmers grow vegetables particularly white asparagus. 

Despite its being an agricultural land, the Marchfeld continues to attract tourists owing to the two Baroque castles in place. These are the Schloss Niederweiden and Schlosshof. Niederweiden was built in 1693 by Austrian architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach for the Count of Starhemberg while Schlosshof was constructed by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Schlosshof was built in the 1720s and was recently restored to its former Baroque glory.

The scenic towns of Marchegg and Hainburg nearby are also added attractions. 

Before it became a vegetable field, it was the place where opposing troops such as those of Rudolf of Habsburg and King Ottocar of Bohemia battled it out. The year was 1278 then half a millennium later, another Habsburg member led the Austrian armies into the Battle of Aspern in Marchfeld to fight the troops of Napoleon. Two months after that, the Battle of Deutsch-Wagram took place involving the French troops who attacked the Austrian armies. 

Those battles resulted in the death of some 150,000 men. The number may be higher as more fights took place in Marchfeld back then that also involved the Turks, Magyars and Huns who were eager to rule Vienna. 


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