Tired of bringing your kids to the same type of amusement park where all they ever do is scream at the top of their lungs, run around and leave you feeling more stressed? Vienna offers a unique alternative to child’s play – where kids can still have fun and yet learn about life around them.

The Minopolis is a “city for children,” an innovative theme park where children can engage in role playing and educational adventure. Built in 2005, the 6000-square meter Minopolis was created so that children can live out what they want to be when they grow up. The theme park is constructed like a miniature city with 25 different stations such as shops, hospitals, schools, libraries and more. At the entrance, the kids are given a check for “eurolinos” – the official currency in Minopolis.

After cashing their checks at the bank then they can start their adventure in the city. They can buy products and services from the shops or even open a bank account for the next time they visit Minopolis. When they run out of money they can “get a job” by applying at the “employment office” – they can be a fireman, a truck driver, a doctor, a police, a teacher or anything they want to be.

They are given a passport which lists down all their skills as well as the knowledge and experience they acquire with every visit in Minopolis. The theme park is open to kids ages 4 to 12 and all the stations are manned by highly-trained and friendly staff who act as “life coaches” for the kids.

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