Moozak Festival

Festivals of different kinds abound in Vienna. From music and dance to film and performing arts, there’s one that take place at certain times each year. 

For the month of September, the Moozak Festival is one event worth attending. This event is all about audio, video and installation art and features music and broadcasts. Its scope ranges from audio-visual live compositions, improvisational concert, silent films and installation art.  

The first ever Moozak Festival took place on September 9 and 10 in 2011. It highlighted experimental audio, video and installation art.  Apart from live concerts, DJs also perform their stuff on stage. 

This year, the Fluc is where the Moozak Festival activities will be held. Now on its third year, The Moozak Festival will also feature lectures on the new forms of audio visual art from digital to analog as well as rhythm and drone. 

Audio visual art refers to the exploration of kinetic abstract art and music and relation with each other. It covers visual music, abstract film, audiovisual performances and installations. 

Installation art, on the other hand, is a new form of contemporary art practiced by the so-called postmodernist artists. It features two-dimensional and three-dimensional works designed to transform a specific space. It can be either temporary or permanent. 

Almost any type or material or media can be used in contemporary instaltlation art. These can be painting, sculpture, video, film, audio, photography, performance and computers. 



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