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Mozart House Vienna

Mozart Vienna is synonymous to Viennese music specifically classical music. It is because the composer became well known for his work during the Classical era.

Austria takes pride in being the home of classical music. It owes this international recognition to a musical legend in the person of talented composer and musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart Vienna

Having completed more than 600 musical compositions, Mozart was considered an influential figure in Viennese music.

Eventually, his music spread to other parts of the world. And up until today is still appreciated by people of varied nationalities who love classical music.

The Beginnings of Mozart Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Vienna

Born in Salzburg, Austria, Mozart showed his musical talent at a very early age. At 5 years old, he was already playing the keyboard and violin. And he was composing his own music and performing before royal families in Europe.

By age 17, he was serving as a court musician in Salzburg but was continuously composing. At age 25, he moved to Vienna where he achieved fame and spent the rest of his life. In Vienna, he was, for the most part, a freelance performer and composer.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart married Constanze in August 1782 and they had six children. Despite his fame, the Austrian composer did not lead a fortunate life. He began to suffer financial distress during the war. And traveled often to find money-making opportunities.

It was during his final years that Mozart was able to compose his most famous symphonies, concertos, and operas including the Requiem.

Some of the well-known works he completed were:

  • The Magic Flute
  • the Clarinet Concerto
  • the Ave Verum corpus

He finally finished his Requiem when he was already terminally ill and bedridden. He died at the young age of 35.

Thanks to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Vienna and classical music have carved a niche in the world.

Mozart Vienna Week Highlights

Classical Music

Classical music remains to be one of the most appreciated musical genres worldwide. And people have a lot to be thankful for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for pioneering such beautiful music that’s soothing to the senses. For this reason, Mozart’s birthplace in Austria never fails to honor the famous musician in a special event each year. 

Dubbed Mozart Week, this event is held each year in Salzburg and organized by the International Mozarteum Foundation in time for the musician’s birthday. Activities lined up include opera productions, soloist concerts as well as chamber and orchestral music. 

Taking part in this very important event are internationally renowned conductors to include Andras Schiff, Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Marc Minkowski. As well as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, the Musiciens du Louvre and Grenoble. Also performing in special activities are the Hagen Quartet, the Artemis Quartet and several soloists.

Concert venues are spread out such as at the Mozarteum main hall, the House for Mozart, the Large Festival Hall and the Solitar of the Mozarteum University.  

Mark Minkowski, an award winning conductor from France, is the artistic director of the Mozart Week for two straight years now. He presented the Viennese version of the opera Orfeo ed Euridice by late Willibald Gluck 300th birth anniversary. The opera was one of the highlights of Mozart Vienna Week. 

Salzburg’s winter classical musical festival is the predecessor of the Mozart Week event. It began in 1956 and has been a major part of concert events for Mozart fans. 

An Austrian Musical – Mozart!

Mozart famous music

Mozart is one of Vienna’s most famous products in the field of classical music. And what could be more meaningful for the city than having The Mozart! musical return to the place where the person honored was born, grew up and attained success. 

A new version of the Mozart! the musical was performed in Vienna. The musical performance has been touring the world completing seven performances in seven countries before going back to the place of its birth. In its tour, more than 1.9 million had already watched the musical which features a new song and a love duet between Mozart and Constanze. 

The Mozart! musical in Vienna was staged at the Raimund Theater with Oedo Kuipers who plays the lead role, Thomas Borchert and Barbara Obermeier. Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay are behind the musical which looks into the life of the world-renowned musician. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was considered a rock star during the Rococo period. Although born in Salzburg, he spent the most part of his life in Vienna until his final years. He chose to live in the Austrian capital where he achieved success in his musical career. 

Vienna Mozart Concert, Music & Orchestra

Mozart orchestra Music

When you mention Vienna, many people immediately think of the famous Mozart. The two are very closely associated with each other that visiting the Austrian capital won’t be complete without getting to know about this internationally renowned composer and musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart remains alive in Vienna in a lot of ways. Mozart music lives on around the city and in other parts of the world. The Mozart house where he spent his years composing has been preserved and a statue of him stands proud in the capital.

Here are four ways then to discover the musical genius that once lived on this Earth and made Vienna a history in the world of classical music.

Mozart House Vienna

Mozart House Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is known worldwide for producing a great composer that once lived on this earth. The name is Mozart or more specifically, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

First opened to the public in 1941, the Baroque building has been transformed into a museum features three levels. It is the only flat of the Austrian composer that has been preserved to its original structure.

Mozarthaus Vienna – The Domgasse 5 is the site of Mozart’s apartment where he spent three of his successful years from 1784 to 1787. It is here where he composed The Impresario, The Marriage of Figaro among his other major works.

What Visitors can See?

Visitors can see the kind of life Mozart had during his time including his ties with the Freemasons and their activities, his love for games and gambling. Visitors will also learn about his family in this area.

  • The first floor which was the original apartment of Mozart now houses a café and a souvenir shop. It also serves as an event venue from time to time.
  • The second level is where people will get to learn about the composer’s operas, his musical oeuvre and Vienna’s musical tradition in the 18th century. It is here where Mozart’s contemporaries in the Vienna music scene are presented. Those who wish to listen to some of this Austrian composer’s masterpieces can also do so here on the second floor.
  • On the third floor, visitors will see some of Mozart’s friends and close competitors and his activities in Vienna via a collection of photos.

The Mozarthaus also underwent major renovation works in 2006 in commemoration with the composer’s 250th birth anniversary. Today, this famous tourist attraction is run by the Wien Museum.

The place features three levels showcasing the composer’s family life in photos and illustrations as well his musical compositions. Visitors there get the opportunity to see photos and listen to Mozart’s music as well.

Mozart Concert Vienna

Concert opera

A great way to experience the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is by attending concerts and operas.

Where can you find these?

Each year, the masterpieces of this Austrian composer are performed at the State Opera House, at the Volksoper and at the Theater an der Wien.

Other venues to go to are:

  • the Vienna Konzerthaus
  • Schoenbrunn Palace concerts
  • Palais Auersberg
  • Musikverein

The Vienna Boy’s Choir and Vienna Mozart Orchestra are some of those known to perform Mozart’s musical works.

Vienna Mozart Orchestra

Mozart was a great conductor as well so if you want to try how conducting an orchestra is done, you can visit the Haus der Musik or House of Music museum. There, you will learn about Mozart’s conducting techniques and try practicing it yourself. Another attraction there is you can add sounds to “A Little Night of Music” and bring home your own CD.

Requiem Autography & Mozart Vienna Grave

Grave in Austria
Courtesy: clare_and_ben/Flickr

At the Austrian National Library, you will find Mozart’s autograph of his final yet unfinished masterpiece entitled “The Requiem.”

Also exhibited here are the first edition of “The Magic Flute” and his “La Clemenza di Tito as well as other portraits and information.

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