Natural History Museum of Vienna

Of the various amazing museums in place in Vienna, a must-see is the Museum of Natural History. Here, visitors will be able to view thousands of objects in 39 exhibition halls.

The objects on display are parts of the earth and showcase the diversity of nature. They include rare fossils such as those from the gigantic dinosaurs of the past and the well known Venus of Willendorf.

On the first floor, visitors will get to see objects from the animal life while the mezannine floor showcases some of the most unique prehistoric findings.

The rarest anst most valuable moonstone is now the latest attraction at the museum. Provided by NASA, this rock from space and two soil tests were collected from the moon’s surface during the Apollo 15 million way back in 1971. Its estimated value is 262,000 Euros for every gram.

Unknown to some of you, the Natural History Museum in Vienna is home to the world’s oldest and the biggest collection of meteorites. In the Meteorite Room alone, there are already more than 1,100 items on display.

More than 60 scientists are credited for doing their work to be able to provide the Natural History Museum’s collections. They do research on varied topics ranging from the evolution of man as well as plants and animals to the prehistoric traditions and solar system. At the moment, there are an estimated 30 million specimens and artifacts available in the museum.

What makes visiting the Natural History Museum an enriching experience is the fact that visitors can enjoy not only guided tours but also presentations and even workshops.

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