New Hill Opens for Plane Spotters and Photographers

There’s one leisure activity that individuals, couples, families and groups of friends can also do while in Vienna. It’s not the usual one but something that is quite relaxing and fun to do. 

It’s about plane spotting or plane watching and there’s a specific place to do it. Of course, it has to be near the Schewechat airport in the Austrian capital. 

The place for plane spotting ia a four meter-high hill specially built for people who love to watch airplanes take off and land on the ground including the photographers. Right on this spot, people have a good view of the two runways. There are even special holes in the 21-kilometer long fencing (a total of 17) to allow photographers to take pictures without being distracted by the fence. 

To create the hill, some 600 cubic meters of soil was used. It is situated at the east side of the airport but outside of the main airport grounds. The village of Klein-Neusiedl is the best place to reach the hill. 

Currently, the hill is the best alternative to take good shots of airplanes flying out and in the city of Vienna. The one at the airport’s visitor terrace charges a certain fee while this new hill is free to use. 

Technically, plane spotting refers to the act of observing, photographing aircrafts and listing down their registration numbers. It also involves assessing the size of the plane, its number, type and positionf of engines. 

Today, however, it can simply mean watching planes for leisure or photography purposes.  


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