Night out in Vienna

Vienna is the largest city of Austria as well as the capital. The country’s economic, political and cultural centre, Vienna is also a popular destination for many tourists. When visiting Vienna, travellers will want to include night life activities on their itinerary.

When spending an evening out in Vienna, there are many different pubs and restaurants from which to choose. One of these is Sky Bar which not only offers some of the best spirits in the city but also the best view. Located at the top of the Steffl Department Store, Sky Bar boasts over 350 cocktails on its menu making it a great place to have drinks before or after dinner. If you’re looking for a unique Viennese dining experience then Aux Gazelles is an excellent choice.  Not only is it a restaurant but it also incorporates a beauty salon, caviar and oyster bar and a club. Visitors cannot only imbibe in drinks and dinner but expect to be rejuvenated here as well.

Casino gambling is another activity that can be enjoyed at night in Vienna if you enjoy playing at an online casino such as The city has several casinos including the Casino Wien. Right in the heart of downtown Vienna, this casino is found in the Palais Esterhazy which is one of the oldest buildings here. While the building itself is historical, the casino found within is quite modern. The casino has several floors. The first floor has a vibe similar to a British gaming club with popular games such as roulette and blackjack. The upper floors have gambling in elegant salons with a range of table limits. Gaming machines are found in both the Ovale and Chinese Salons while gamblers can dine in the Red and Grey Salons.

When you take a holiday in Vienna, these are just a few suggestions to have a pleasing night life experience.

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