Oceaneum Salt Grotto

While it’s summer in Vienna, why not breathe in a different kind of air. Head to the Salzgrotte Oceaneum, an artificial salt cave and the first of its kind in the Austrian capital.

Situated in the Wien Mitte shopping center, it’s a place where you can breathe in air enriched with salt at a room temperature between 20 and 24C. The salt particles are pumped by an airconditioning unit in a small room where visitors can relax on deckchair. It is said that  salt particles are best for people with asthma, allergies or hay fever. 

Vienna’s salt cave, however, is open to all types of people regardless of their health. A 45-minute session here is guaranteed to take away tensions and negative emotions. Visitors going to Oceaneum located at Untere Viaduktgasse 6 will have to pay 14 Euro to go inside. 

Salt caves have been put up around Eastern and Central Europe and in fact, Poland has already more than 200 of this therapeutic caves. 

Salt has been used since the ancient times owing to its healing properties. However, it was only in the 19th century when doctors in Poland took an interest in the medicinal properties of the salt crystals. 

In Austria, the first salt cave was put up by Urszula Radziewiska, a Polish woman with deep blue eyes. 

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