Oldest Preserved House in Vienna

When it comes to houses or residential properties, the oldest that still stands in the Austrian capital is the Heumuhle auf der Wieden or Haymill located in the fourth district. It is a small house considered the oldest to be preserved in the city. Specifically, it is in a courtyard situated at the end of Grungasse. 

Originally, the haymill was part of a hospital named Heiligengeistspital or what was known as the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the building was burned down in 1528. By 1533, it was renovated and turned over by Emperor Ferdinand I to the Diocese of Vienna. 

This residential structure was first mentioned in a document dating back to 1326. It was used as a mill and bakery until 1856. 

It was in 2004 when the Bundesdenkmalant which takes charge of preserving historic buildings conducted a study on the Haymill. The institution looked into the building’s history and recommended ways on how to preserve it. By 2008, the house was renovated at a cost of nearly a million Euros. 

The Haymill today is used by offices. Nearby attractions include the Naschmarkt, the Karlsplatz, Palais Favoriate and the Paulanerkirche. 


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