Open Air Cinema

The open air cinema that’s only done in Vienna has just been launched. For 41 days starting this June until August 22nd, the Volxskino cinema will present a total of 20 films at 30 locations around the capital’s 14 districts.

To kick off this event, Volxskino has picked Karmeliterplatz in the district of Leopoldstadt. The first film being shown is the original version of Jesus Henry Christ. This 2012 movie stars Toni Collette, Michael Sheen and Jason Spevack and is directed by Dennis Lee, an American.

For this open air cinema, the Volxskino uses an inflatable screen and transportable projector. This event will go around the city of Vienna with stopovers at parks, markets and community buildings.

Locals and visitors can watch these great films starting at 9 p.m. without having to pay any entrance fee. Just make sure to check the weather before you go as film showings can be cancelled if the weather does not permit.

International and Austrian movies, documentaries and short-films will be shown during this open air cinema tour. A three day special will focus on the theme “Love, Sex and Confusion.” Other programs are tailored according to the location of the film showing.

After Karmeliterplatz, the film showing will move to Penzing, Simmering, Landstrasse and Florisdorf districts. A German film entitled “Almanya – Willkomen in Deutschland” will be among those to be shown next.

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