Opera and Theater for Children

In Vienna, opera and theater are not just entertainment for adults but also for children. In a city that fosters love for traditional music and culture, kids can begin and develop their passion for the opera, the film or the theater through programs, events and activities geared exclusively to their young minds and ears.

Here’s a sampling of those enjoyable and educational experiences: The Vienna State Opera has programs specifically for kids starting with fun musical productions like Peter Pan, Aladdin, The Fairies, and Wagners Ring for Children to name a few. Another good thing about these productions is that they are the only one in the world where kids are given the chance to perform alongside professional opera singers and dancers. Aside from the Vienna State Opera, there are other opera houses and venues that offer children’s productions – from ballets, operettas, musical productions and even a marionette theatre.

The Volksoper stages productions where even live animals are onstage. Another concert hall slated to offer operas for children is the Vox Augarten. Meanwhile at the Schonburnn Palace, kids can watch a marionette theatre which uses historic, rococo-style marionette puppets for elaborate productions.

There is also the Lilarum Puppet Theater where hand and stick puppets are used in productions that have gained international acclaim.

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